Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Axel's arrival

Hey everyone, Jacob and Axel made it home last night (at 2am). We are excited to have him and Jake is excited to put him to work!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Potty Training!

Kirsten has had a week in panties! We had one bad day of training on Sunday and the rest of the week she has not had any accidents! She is finally excited about the toilet. Not too mention the candy bucket on the back, (thanks Erika!). She has made it on a road trip and many trips to the stores! It is so nice to be back down to one in diapers. Yeah Kirsten!

Friday, June 24, 2005

I cut Cruz's hair with the clippers last week. His hair grows so fast! It is his fourth haircut. Jake came home with a haircut also. Now they really look a lot alike! Posted by Hello

The kids have enjoyed playing in the playhouse.  Posted by Hello

We recently went down to Utah this week. Cruz was fascinated with driving. 13 1/2 more years and this could be him (if we are in Idaho). Posted by Hello

Where is Waldo????? Oops I mean Kirsten? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kirsten has her dad's smile. She does it all the time......Aaaah! With her are our neighbers, Cassie and Conner. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Las Vegas

We recently took a trip to Las Vegas. It was a little free giveaway that we got. We enjoyed playing and eating with Hester at night! She was great and watched the kids so Jacob and I got out a little also. Incase you have noticed, McKay isn't in any of the recent pictures. In the summer, she goes to spend a little over five weeks with her other dad. She gets home July 8th! It's hard on Kirsten. She keeps asking when we can go get her. We miss her and are excited to have her back!

Lydia Schellenberg and Kirsten enjoying the watermelon a little too much. Posted by Hello

Who needs toys when you can have pots and pans! Posted by Hello

Look at the fish! It was the biggest aquarium I had ever seen! We enjoyed having Hester around! (and not just because she babysat for us!) Posted by Hello

Jacob and the kids in Las Vegas. Kirsten and Cruz were fast asleep while we were walking the strip. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Our family

So, we have decided to join the group and get our own blog. As you know being married to Jacob our life is never dull or boring. That is what make's it fun and interesting though. Jake has been working a lot and the last couple of days I have packed up the kids and took them with. Lawn mowing gets old after the first five hours. It took me 8 hours to mow this ladies yard (with a riding lawn mower). Crazy! Of course, that is stopping to take care of the kids also. Well we will try to keep in touch with all of you more. Take care and we love and miss ya!

Kirsten and I getting ready to swim. Posted by Hello

McKay getting splashed. Posted by Hello

Gotta love the farmer's tan! That's my man! Posted by Hello

Dad and Cruz at Larry's pool. Posted by Hello

Kirsten loves her Grandpa Dennis. (But her grandma told her that if you wake up grandpa he is grandpa grumpy) Posted by Hello

Cruz trying to get used to the feel of grass. Posted by Hello

Is that real? Posted by Hello

We always have called Kirsten monkey girl, but I think it applies to McKay on this picture. Posted by Hello

Our family on my birthday. They got me an ab lounge 2 !!!! Yeah! Posted by Hello

McKay's last day of school with her friend Kaylee.  Posted by Hello

Cruz and Jasmin. Posted by Hello

Kirsten and Cinderella. Posted by Hello

We got three new kittens. The girls named them Melody, Cinderella, and Jasmin (after Disney princesses). What next! McKay is holding Melody. Posted by Hello

Kirsten had her tonsils our the first week of May. We were suppose to stay overnight in the hospital but she was eating and drinking everything in sight. The doctor let us come home that night. She was running around the next day. Posted by Hello

Grandpa and Grandma Smith came to visit us for a couple days in the last week of May. Posted by Hello

The girls trying to figure who is going to push Cruz. Posted by Hello