Monday, February 06, 2012

Confession time

Look carefully and slowly.
Here is my fridge. Looks normal and harmless right? Look closer.
Lots of water, fruit and veggies. Look closer.
Can you see it?
That's my hiding spot. No one ever checks the veggie / fruit tray.

Since I started running 25-30+ miles a week, there are some days I feel like I'm starving. Some days I just crave meat and some days other stuff. This one, I blame Betsy. She brought home some leftovers during Thanksgiving and introduced me to a yummy place called Thai Spoon. Their red curry is the BEST I have ever tasted. I'm also a sucker for pad thai (that's the leftovers in the plastic container, I had to make it fit.) Anyway, we came back from Utah, I started running again, and this is what happened. I ordered two lunch entrees and ate them both, the same day. I didn't want to share. This has only happened once (shhh, twice since January 1st) so I'm really not out of control or anything. I just figured it was best to get it out before I did more harm than good. : )

Friday, February 03, 2012

Biting your tongue

Cruz finally lost his first tooth right before Christmas. He asked me when I was going to pull it out. I didn't really want to so I had put it off. One night he finally asked again and I looked and it was so loose that he could bend it all the way forward and back. I told him I wanted to wiggle it. I did, and he said a quick "ow." He then said, "Mom promise me you won't try to pull it out" Little did he know the tooth was in my hand. The next tooth he lost sometime on New Year's? We were playing a game and Jacob said, "Cruz, when did you lose your tooth?" He didn't know. I think he may have eaten it. So on the next tooth, (last Sunday) this is what the tooth fairy found. (Cruz doesn't like leaving his teeth under his pillow. He leaves it in a bag on his dresser.)
When did the tooth fairy become Santa? (I do like the fact that he said "Love" Cruz.)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Birthday Paradox

In Idaho, the science fair was in April. Here in Texas, it is the last of January. I think I prefer it this way. Kirsten had to pick and choose a project (and get it cleared) by the first of December. So at least we knew what we were doing.
Kirsten, (with the help of Dad) chose to do the Birthday Paradox. This paradox states that in a group of 23 random people there is a 50% chance that at least 2 people will share the same birthday.
Kirsten gathered a lot of names. She wrote everyone in her family down, went to work with Jacob, and asked everyone their birthdays, and even McKay helped and took a couple lists to school to have people in her class fill out. Her theory proved true. Out of 35 groups (of 23 people) 55% had the same birthday. (This project fell under the mathematics section.)

Kirsten has done the science project every year and every year she had fallen short of first place. She just wanted one first place ribbon. Before school started, I told her that her project looked great and she had put a lot of work into it but because there was 8 classes in her grade (175 fourth graders) to be happy with whatever she got. She came home ecstatic! Plus her first place qualifies her to go to Region's in Austin. Way to go Kirsten!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Our last day in Utah (for awhile)

Before we headed back to Texas almost two week ago, we got together with Erika and her family. Cousin time is a necessity.Erika was so sweet to let Kirsten and Cruz sleep over. (Katanya was having a few asthma issues.) They stayed up all hours of the night. McKay got to spend the night with Hannah and Maddy. McKay loved shopping with Maddy. In fact just the other night, she told me I wasn't as fun to go shopping with as Maddy is.
It started snowing right before we headed to the airport. You would think by the way my kids were jumping up and down, trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue, and excited, that they had never seen snow before. I was so glad to get home to warmer temps!