Thursday, March 31, 2011

Competitive and just a little Motivated

I may have a competitive bone in my body....or two or three or four. Okay, I like a good challenge. The past two weeks, McKay had been doing my workouts with me as part of her health homework. It was fun to have someone to do it with me and to push as well as the other way too. Sadly, it was over on the 24th. I had to bribe her to do it with me on the 25th.
So at the beginning of this week, I challenged her to beat me in running a mile. Luckily, McKay is just as competitive as me (I think that's a good thing.) Every night we take turns and set the bar for the other person.
McKay run a mile in 8:19 last semester at the end of P.E. Tonight has been her best this week.
So far, I've been able to keep ahead of her time. I know that she will eventually catch up and then kick my butt.
This was my best tonight too. I think it's been my best since high school. I'm curious how fast I can get this if we keep this up. I also want to gradually increase the distance in the "race."

P.S. Even though it's super super yummy, and is now my favorite snack, I don't recommend running after eating half a bowl of fruit salsa before running.