Thursday, May 30, 2013

April in a post (more or less)*****2013

April consisted of a couple things. But that is all you need to stay busy. Now that I have A LITTLE more time (hehe) before the baby comes, I'm really going to try to be a better blogger.
Cruz had his Pine Car Derby Race.  His dad and him designed their car and he painted it in the space of a week.  He named in "Lone Star".  It was pretty fast!
McKay started up spring volleyball.  She has really gotten her serve technique down.  She has improved her vertical jump and the "three hit" skills.  She had a block that the ref stopped the game to tell her congrats at how high she was above the net and that was the first "real" one of the season that he had seen.  I missed coaching with her and her friends mom.  Its a lot harder sitting on the sidelines letting someone else run the game.
McKay also had her fourteenth birthday!  Since Jacob was out of town that week, she had a birthday week which she milked it worth everything she could.  Her best friend turned 14 about 10 days later.  Now they are officially able to go to stake dances together.
McKay made this picture puzzle frame for her and got several letters from friends and teachers, parents, and leaders, and had them handed out throughout the day at school.  Their favorite quote was put in the top left corner.  It brought tears to my eyes several times as I helped her with this.  Here is the quote:
"We aren't sisters by birth,
But we knew it from the start.
Fate brought us together,
To be sisters by Heart."

I've always know we have been blessed to have been put here in Texas with so many great people.  My children have grown and been so accepted.  We love our community.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!! (You just got hacked)

                     Happy Birthday,Mom

                           Dear Mom,

You rock!!!  Thank you for everything : caring for me,giving birth to me, nurturing me, getting me new clothes, tucking me in at night,cleaning my room, driving me pretty much everywhere, loving me, teaching me, thanks for everything pretty much.Out of every single mom I am glad your mine.Without you I would not exist, literally. Even though it may be hard you always,always love me, no matter what.  I searched And here is what I found : Watch it. The Mom Song.
                                                            I love you.
                                               Have a very Happy Birthday
      Your very caring daughter,Who loves you , Who hopes you have a Happy Birthday,
Kirsten S. Kerksiek

Sunday, May 12, 2013


 (picture from March 2013)
Today was a very bittersweet Mother's Day.  I was released from my calling as Young Women's President.  I have been so very blessed to be involved in a part of these girls lives (these are only half of them) for the last 23 months.
So here are the best things about this Mother's Day.  I truly believe that it's not the presents that make the day or the gifts.  Its the sweet acts from my children that make the day the best!
Here are the things that brought joy to my day today from the people I love:
Jacob - Waking up and having him giving me a hug and a kiss.  Also having him hold my hand through Sacrament meeting while I cried.
McKay - Offering to make me a breakfast sandwich (which didn't agree with my stomach.)
Kirsten - Singing in the special musical number.
Cruz - His special note saying he loves me because "She takes me to school and lets me have friends over even if I don't do my jobs or my homework."
Katanya - A book about her mom.  I love the honesty of children.  Some of her writings were, "My mom is as pretty as a rainbow.  She is as sweet as an angel.  She is as smart as a scientist, but most of all she is as special as a fairy!  She said I was 30 (smart girl!) and that I like to give her hugs.  My favorite thing to do to relax in my bed and sleep and that I am really good at cleaning.  
The Young Women!  Hearing them sing in sacrament meeting and then sharing a special testimony meeting during Young Women's and being able to hear them bare their testimonies.  It was amazing!  I love and pray for each one of them.
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mom's out there!