Monday, September 26, 2005

Are you prepared?

We finally have our internet hooked up again. Although we don't have our regular computer working yet so I can't post any pictures.

Anyway I have a little story for everyone to think about with the hurricanes hitting and all the diseasters going on in the world. In our old stake, a neighboring ward's bishoped got up after sacrament meeting and made a challenge. It goes as this, "As of today (they started on the 18th), he challenged everyone in the ward not to buy anything from the stores for 30 days, with the exemption of gas. He challenged them to live off of their food storage and live as if a disaster had happened." This meant they had no time to plan or prepare for it. It was just what was in their house. They couldn't buy milk or bread or the 'neceessities' that we take for granted. They could trade with neighbors and anyone they wanted to but they couldn't buy anything.


Yesterday in church they had a 'bartering' table set up infront of Relief Society. The ward had taken the challenge. I came home and told Jake about this and we talked together about what we had. I would dare say (knock on wood) that we could make it. It would be hard drinking powdered milk or not having my soda or anything that is a 'luxury'. But we do have a food storage started that we would make it by. What about you guys. It's something to think about with everything happening in the southeast.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Long time

Hi everyone. Okay the reason we haven't blogged lately is that Jacob decided move everything onto an external hard drive and wipe at our laptop. Now it's broke! So I have been without a computer and without the internet. The only reason I am typing is I am at Erika's. Anyway Jake did it at an awful moment. Now our plans our stuck on an external hard drive and they are waiting for them for our construction loan. AAAAHHHH! Anyway the problem is the partioner (?). He can't reinstall the programs or window xp. Any help from anyone? It's soooo frustrating

On another note. We moved Thursday. We are renting a small (emphasis on small) townhouse on the outskirts (country) if IF. It's only for 6 to 8 months til our house is finished. I keep telling myself that. I miss the yard and the location of our old house. I miss the quiet atmosphere of the country. However I don't miss the old house at all. Or all of it's problems!!! It's also during the winter months so the kids won't be outside to miss it that much. I don't handle moving either. Jacob has A LOT of stuff. I get overwhelmed too easily. Fortunately we boxed up a lot and put in it storage and we kept the shop at the old house. We also went thru everything and threw away probably half of the stuff we had. We downsized tons. I only had one bad day as Jake would say. He keeps saying he would send me and the kids on vacation when we move (he said that when we moved to Idaho and then again this time) but I realize that might be even worse. I am grateful for my friend who watched the kids all day Friday and now my house is all unpacked. I only have the pics to hang now. :)

Well Cruz's birthday was last week and we had Sarah over for dinner and cake. My kids are getting to know her and really like her. I will have to post pics later when my computer is back up. We will see you all later. Bye

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New link on blog list

Just in case any of you are wondering who Spencer is, it's Hester's fiance. We added his blog to the links on our page. He is soon to be the newest member of the family. I just thought I would add that so there would be no confusion. Anyway same old stuff, not much new happening. For those of you that don't know, Jake and I (and fam) will be moving in a couple weeks to a new townhouse just outside of town. It's cheaper in rent, heating oil (I hate cost of gas by the way!) , closer to Jake's work and our new lot, and of course it's new! I will forward the address when I find out. We will be dropping our home line and only have our two cell numbers. Love and miss ya!