Thursday, April 30, 2009

Desperate Housewife No-No

I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. These pictures don't even do the damage justice. Jake is going to look at our blog from school and I know he won't be happy. Maybe I'll just start by saying, "Can anyone guess what color of crayon with through the dryer? You can't tell? Let me get closer.
Maybe this will help. Or this.
Like I said before, these pictures really don't show just how GREEN everything is.
Now, I have a few things to sort out. Who put the crayon in their pocket? There are only three people's pants here.....Jake, Kirsten and McKay. That should make it easy.

It's sad but funny. It's sad because Jake's nice (for school) pants were in this load of laundry. Sad because Kirsten's favorite pants were the only one to go in this load. It's funny because they are just so green and because I don't dry my pants that I was saved from this disaster.

P.S. You don't even want to know how green the inside of my dryer is. I've got a lot of scrubbing to do.

Fire engine red

McKay got her wish....sort of.First it was black hair, then it was blue highlights. Blue highlights require bleach and after last year.....the rule was no bleach. So McKay talked her aunt Haley into red highlights....and then asked her mom. I love changing my hair color myself so I said, "Yes, just a few." The best thing is, when they fade out her hair will be back to normal. It turned out cute. What a spoiled girl.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A very happy birthday

McKay is a very simple girl. She had two things on her list this year.

  1. 3 Webkinz
  2. Black hair

It's really too easy, but I'm not a fan of black hair, and she already has dark brown hair so that was sort of out of the question. Then came the tough part. What to get her. A couple weeks ago she came home with a paper saying that her grade was learning bike safety and they would go on a 12 mile bike ride at the end of the training. Jake had told her we would fix her tires and she would have a bike. McKay was upset. Her bike is pink and she firmly told us she is a tomboy and that she wouldn't be seen with a pink bike. She was so upset. We had decided beforehand to buy her a new bike since her tires were shot and it was too small anyway. It was so hard not to say anything when she got upset that day.

Then a couple days before her birthday she snooped through the garage and found her present. She wasn't upset anymore. (She was looking for something else and came across the hidden bike in the corner, it wasn't really snooping.)McKay opened presents, ate her birthday dinner, and blew out the candles on her cake. She wanted a blackberry cheesecake. I have been running around like crazy the last couple of days since the weather is nice and business is picking up. McKay kept everything simple and I really appreciated it. What a sweet girl! One down and 5 more to go this year. It wasn't planned but all of our birthdays fall in line. From April to September we have one a month and then they are done til the next year.

P.S. Stay tuned for the upcoming header change. It's about time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

double digits

Happy Birthday McKay!!!!McKay is 10 today. We are now into the double digits. I still can't believe how fast kids grow up. We are so lucky to have such a great girl. McKay enjoys playing her violin, teaching herself gymnastics (right now she can do a running round off followed by three back handsprings,) reading, and playing with her friends. She is such a beautiful girl. We love you McKay!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be a man

On Saturday, Jake was helping a friend in their attic hook up there ceiling fan.

On Sunday morning, (before church) he (accidently) showed me a big scrape caused from a nail in the attic.

Sunday at noon, I finally convinced him to go get a tetanus since it had been at least 10 years. I think the kids did a better job of convincing since they heard all the bad things that can happen.

Sunday evening, he complained of a little soreness in his arm.

Monday evening, he says,

"If I have to get another tetanus shot, I'll die."

It's been awhile since I've had a shot, but if I remember right, it's a lot less painful to take it in the hip (or butt). Why would you opt the painful way?

Monday, April 20, 2009

I think

Spring may be here! Signs of SPRING in Idaho
  • Windows are open and we are enjoying the breeze (not wind).
  • The heater is off. (Cross your fingers.)
  • The grass is finally green.
  • We mowed the lawn on Saturday for the first time.
  • The girls wore capris to school.
  • We had to break out the sunscreen on Saturday.

Now maybe my blogging will come out of hibernation also.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

We hope everyone had a Fun and Happy Easter Weekend!
(Since nothing was green, Jake had a brillant idea to take the pictures in the rocks. We will definetly be retaking these in a couple weeks. I'm not too big on the turnouts.)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Science = Magnets and Fun

It was science fair time here...again. After two year of getting second, McKay finally got her first place. Kirsten had a lot more competition and took third. They both did great! McKay's project was an "Linear Magnetic Accelerator." She enjoyed putting it together and learning about it. I didn't enjoy all the pinches I got from not holding onto the magnets when I needed to.
Kirsten's project was on how magnets can repel and/or attract each other . Kirsten and Jake worked hard on their project three different evenings. They built a stool that you could keep adding weights and the bottom wouldn't touch, stating it was possible that magnets could lift her off the ground. She was feeling a little under the weather Thursday but insisted on going to school because this was her first science fair.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

After 8 years....

The past....(2001) ....and now the present.
Jake brought home flowers one evening last weekend and a card with a very sincere note. It was for our 8 year mark of our engagement. Now even though he was a couple days early and he mentioned that he knew it was in the coming week, I knew there was still a little romantic side of him left. (It was 8 years from yesterday that he proposed on the beach in Malibu.)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Seven Brides for a Brother in the Circle of Life

Since August I have been studying at ISU. For a number of reasons and through a series of events I will be transferring to BYU-Idaho this fall. Yes, after 16 years, my life has come full circle ... right back to the BYU.

This summer I will be taking a few last courses at ISU in order to ease my transition to BYU-I. I was hoping to squeeze in a religion class so I went to visit the Institute director here on campus. After a nice 20 minute conversation the brother gave me a number so that I could call him later when he was in his office where he could look at the schedule.

Here is a transcript of the conversation we had over the phone:

Me: Hello, Brother Horner, this is Jacob I spoke with you earlier.

Brother: Oh yes, I looked at the schedule and the class you asked about is not being taught.

Me: That's too bad. Looks like I will not be attending institute.

Brother: You should still come .... there will be alot of girls there.

Me. The problem with that is that I am married and have four children.

Brother: Yes you are right ... coming just for the girls would be problem for you.