Sunday, September 30, 2007

Putting two and two together

Here it goes....Monday morning we woke up at 6a.m. so the kids could go to their dentist appointments on Monday. We get there at 7 in the morning, just to find out that it was on Tuesday at 7 a.m. Luckily they took McKay and fixed all of her "problems". (my kids had awful results on there 6 month more candy in my house.)

So Tuesday Kirsten and I wake up at the same time and got there at 7 o'clock again. Just when I put two and two together that today was picture day and today Kirsten would be numbed. Not a good combination. In fact she came home not moving her left side at all. When I asked her if she could smile her answer was "My nose and mouth are still sleeping."

This was Kirsten an hour before Kindergarten.

So we got Kirsten ready for school and curled her hair and now we see if her mouth was still sleeping.

P.S. There is always retakes.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Whenever I here the word "Honey...." come from Jake's mouth, I know he wants a big favor. This happened at midnight last Thursday night. Jake came upstairs and asked "Honey, can we take a quick trip to Denver to look at this.... and this....
for an upcoming auction / online auction on Tuesday." So Friday afternoon when the kids got home we left and another road trip was on the way. While we were there we stopped and stayed with cousin Sarah for a night. It was really fun to see her and let the kids play. Kirsten made instant friends with Sierra and was excited to have a cousin her age. Yay!McKay was the only one to take pictures of the day we stayed there. She was trying out her "new" (my old) camera.
We also went Downtown Saturday night. This picture is sorta blurry because I had forgotten to turn the flash back on.
Sunday morning we got up and headed home. Our suburban hit 100,000 miles this trip.
P.S. I will let Jake explain the "machinery details if he wishes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our third's third

September 10th, Cruz turned 3! It has been a long awaited birthday since his is the last
for the year. It was his first birthday that he looked forward to and actually understood. For the past month, everything he saw at the store he would look at me and say, "My birthday?" Cruz loves Diego and Thomas the Train. He is my sweetheart (I can still say that now, not when he is older, I'm sure) and we love him very much.
P.S. Yes it was cold enough for long sleeves. We have actually had to turn our heater on at nights. It's that cold!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Six years ago (on Sept.8)

Jake and I celebrated our sixth anniversary Saturday. I can't believe it. In six years we have....
- had 3 more kids.

- three baby blessings and one baptism.

- lived in 7 different houses.

- moved four times.

- traveled over 33 states, some numerous times.

- had 8 different vehicles.

- been to the beach 5 times.

But most importantly....

-I have loved him for 2192 days.

On Saturday night, couisn Sarah was in town and watched the kids for us that night. Jake and I finally enjoyed a night out by ourselves after 5 years. We went to dinner and walked around a couple stores and stayed in a really nice themed room hotel in town. We were given the Morroco room since we left it til Friday night to book the room. It was actually one of the nicer ones so it turned out really fun. Later Sunday afternoon we drove an hour up to Mesa Falls with the kids and walked to the lower and upper falls. Jake has said that we have traveled all over the U.S. but when it comes to our home state, we haven't done anything. We're trying.
I like how the view of this picture so I posted it just for fun.

Nate & Betsy also share this special day with us! Happy Anniversary and we love you!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ammonium Perchlorate Blast

Watch the other video first

This is unbelievable.

I watched this video on tv last night and it was incredible. It happened in 1988 in Henderson NEvada. The shock wave nearly leveled tghe town and caused 77 million dollars in damages to houses and building other than the rocket fuel plant that was obliterated. I guess that problem happened that after the Challenger disaster in 86 they stopped flights but never stopped production of solid rocket fuel .... they started storing it in temporary bins and this happened.

Monday, September 03, 2007

When is too much, too much?

I was playing with the girls one evening with all their petshop collection (that is our "Playmobile" in our house) when I just thought for fun I would count.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! Kirsten had 130 and McKay had 133. The sad thing is is this picture doesn't show any of their houses or accessories that it comes with like baskets or strollers, etc. Between the two of them they own every " building" that has come out.

I think this is getting to be a bad habbit. I am finding myself getting "addicted" as well. They are just too cute and not expensive at all.

The good thing is, the girls play with them all the time. They are not a toy that sits their in their bin getting old.

Jake and I were trying to figure out how much money they and we have spent on them.....I don't even want to go that far.

Please, someone justify me and tell me I am not the only one.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Numa Numa

Don't listen to this song if you do not want to be singing it ALL the time.

Jake saw it on CNN and looked it up on YouTube. Now I find myself singing it, my kids are constantly singing it and Jake goes around singing it.

I gave you fair warning.