Saturday, September 30, 2006

What did we see at the zoo, what did we see at the zoo zee zoo?

Saturday, I decided to take a break and take the kids to the small zoo in town. I have decided that it is the perfect size zoo for young children. Last week was "zoo appreciation" day where you get in for free but since it was SO cold and chilly (we are talking 5o's) they had changed it to today. This was a bonus. We enjoyed all the animals although Cruz was afraid of a few of them. Even though they were in cages or glass was between them. The two things he found interesting was the huge boa constrictor and the tiger.....go figure. Katanya actually was awake almost all of our zoo trip. She enjoyed the back seat in the stroller.

Our first stop was feeding the ducks. It was a good thing I had a lot of quarters in my purse. Between the duck food, a soda, and smashed pennies (which you have to pay with quarters), it emptied my change pocket. Cruz wanted the front seat of the stroller. He enjoyed putting all his duck food in the cup holder and throwing them in the pond, one by one.....This was Kirsten's favorite, the pygmy goats in the children's petting zoo. They spent over a half hour in here just petting all the different goats. I took Cruz in but he wouldn't get down, let alone pet one of them. So we enjoyed them outside of the fence.

The baby was the "funnest" to pet.

The kids infront of the lemurs. McKay's favorite were the monkey and apes. They had two white-haired apes that sat and played while we watched them.

Cruz sat and watched the Tiger for a long time. He didn't want to leave this exhibit.

After two and a half hours of the zoo, we had seen it all (like I said it's the perfect size). Since it was free admission I let the kids pick out a stuffed animal. That and they were 40% off. They had to pay for half of it though. Katanya was all smiles in the car. She has really started to express herself.McKay picked a koala she named Koola Cola..........Kirsten picked a zebra she named Stripes......Cruz picked a lion.......He was exhausted.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here is my long awaited room! I LOVE the red walls! Two of them are red and two are white. I could just lay on my bed and relax the whole day. Jake chose the two sconces by the bed and we each have our own switch so we don't have to fight over who turns out the lights. The walkin closet is behind the bed and I am standing in the doorway of the "orange" bathroom. The big mater bath is a little to the right of the closet. If you can picture all of that.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another shot of our bedroom. Posted by Picasa

Here is "Jake's" bathroom. He chose the colors for it and everything. It's a bright orange with a pale blue. The sink, toilet, and shower are blue with the walls orange and the celing white. We left the old cabinets in but redid the floor with travertine. Posted by Picasa

Orange and blue. Posted by Picasa

Another picture of the bathroom. Hopefully this helps shoow the colors a little better. Posted by Picasa

Cruz is posing for a picture. I didn't realize it til now but he is color coordinating with the bathroom. All the way to the matching care bear.
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Here is our JUMBO walk in closet. It's not the straightest or organized because A LOT of the stuff in here will go downstairs when it's done Posted by Picasa

Here is another one of Jake's accomplishments. They are our shelves to the walk in closet. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sneak Preview

Jake told me to write that if you want to see pictures of the new home you have to come see us.....but I am not that mean.......

Just scroll below this post and there are a few pictures of some of the rooms I have all put together. I had to use Hello because the blogger wouldn't work. More pictures will follow later on this week.

So, we moved on Friday and I would have to say this was the easiest move for me. Only because over half of our still in the old shop. We will start moving that in the next week or so. We have lived without it for over a year so I am wondering why we still need it. This move we did A LOT of de-junking. We didn't keep a lot of the old furniture. The TV stand went, the computer desk, and a lot of toys that my kids didn't play with anymore. It feels so nice to have space and order. We are a much happier family. So I have taken a picture of a few of the rooms we have put together. I will put more up as I get them put "together". We still have the master bathroom to finish as well as the laundry room. We are just waiting on the tile. The downstairs still needs to be finished sheetrocked and then painted and trim put up. Then the carpet will be installed.

We still don't have a kitchen table yet but that's okay. It will come soon hopefully.

As another note....we are blessing Katanya on October 8th and we would love anyone that could make it to come.

Here is Cruz's bedroom. Two walls are pale blue and two are white. (Just like Katanya's room). The duvet cover has old model cars on it. He loves his room. Posted by Picasa

This is another view of Cruz's room. Posted by Picasa

This is where Kirsten and McKay are until their bedrooms in the basement are done. Two of the wall are a pale blue and two are white. This will be Katanya's room when they move out.  Posted by Picasa

Here is another view of the girls' room. Posted by Picasa

This is the kid's bathroom. We didn't redo the cabinets in this room or the floor. The walls are a pale yellow and it's accented with lime green and torquoise. Here is a little puzzle for you. What is wrong with this picture....wrong or unusual I should say. Posted by Picasa

We couldn't agree on a mirror for the kid's bathroom. I wanted a circle and Jake wanted square. I found these mirror tiles and Jake liked them....finally we agree. Posted by Picasa

Here is a sneak preview of the kitchen. These are one of Jacob's proudest accomplishments. I love them! I also love the fiestaware in them.  Posted by Picasa

Here is the set of shelves above the stove and microwave. I don't have enough things to fill them yet.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 22, 2006

The day has come

It's here and it's true! The day has come for us to move! Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hasn't really sunk in and I am not much of a moving person but I am just happy and content that we are out of the townhouse and into our very first home! No more RENTING!!!!!

Anyway I will post pictures on a later date. We will have our internet hooked up on Monday afternoon. Hopefully the rest of the lights will come soon.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Justice....ha ha

Just an update we got on Friday about the lady that hit the kids and I. She failed the field sobriety test but the cops arrested her for a suspended license. By the time that the wreck was done, she was arrested, booked, and taken to the hospital for a blood test, the results came back at a .04. She was below the legal limit which means she won't get charged with a DUI. The prosecutor told us that she would likely do the mandatory 2 days in jail for the suspended license and fined and that would be it. Jake basically told the prosecutor that our baby spent more time in the hospital than she would in jail. HOW SAD. Where is the justice in the world. I am just glad that I never saw her up close or what she looked like. I am afraid if I ever ran into her what would happen. I guess this is where I need to forgive and's just so hard.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Love at home

Since so many people have asked, I will do a quick blog on the progress of the house. I haven't posted any pictures or made any remarks about it for a couple reasons. 1- it's a sensitive subject 2 - Jake doesn't want any pictures posted until it's complete 3 - remodeling is frustrating.

Anyway the progress..... it's all painted and the trim is all up. The bamboo floors are all layed. I am in love with the way the bamboo looks. It's the lighter wood color and matches the maple cabinets. The carpet was installed last Tuesday. The tile is halfway done in the bathrooms. The cupboards and cabinets are all up and put together. They are installing the countertops tonight as we speak. Even the dishnetwork is installed.

What is left.....Installing the stove, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. Putting on the heat vents. Properly installing the windows. The tile can be completed when we are in because we do have one working and finished bathroom. Putting the faces on some of the electrical socets. We are also waiting on some of the lights that we ordered to come. We can install those when they come. Also the moon shaped island in the middle of the kitchen will be installed later. It's not a neccessity right now. We also have to "decorate". This will have to wait until IKEA is open in Salt Lake and we have a little more funding. We just might be without a couch and chairs in the living room for a little bit.

Our plan.....We are cleaning it on Monday and moving in on Tuesday. It's been a long process. The propane will come on the 22nd. I just hope it doesn't get to cold until then. We had a fire going in the fireplace tonight and it warmed it up really good. It has been so cold here. It didn't get higher than 50 today. I really hope it warms up. Also our fridge won't be here until the 27th. I haven't figured that out yet. The downstairs isn't completed yet. It still has a few more days of sheetrock and then paint and trim and electrical. We can do that while we are living there though. We are stressed from the crazy schedule we have right now. That and how much gas I go thru is outrageous.

As for the will have to ride Jacob on that one. We painted our house with color (of course). A few people have been over to see it and they don't know what to think. It's not crazy by anymeans just modern. We are the "outcasts" because we aren't the same or original like everybody else. It looks really good though. Our kitchen is one color that ties into the living room which is another color which ties into the hall which is another color. Then the bedrooms are each painted 2 walls one color and 2 walls white. We even have a small orange bathroom (Jake gets the credit on that one.) I love it. I just feel so HAPPY when I walk into my house. I know it's hard to explain but I will post pictures shortly.

P.S. We will be without the internet for a couple days so we won't be able to do any "blogging." I know, so sad.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FRHLICHER GEBURTSTAG.... German it means the same. Cruz turned the big 2 on Sunday. We took dinner out to the house and the kids ran around and played. Cruz and his tractor cake.
The Happy Birthday song. Cruz didn't want to blow out the candles so we moved the bag that was blocking the breeze and the "magically" went out.
One of his presents that he opened. He took his time tearing it piece by piece. He loves Little People.
A view from the playhouse. McKay eating her dinner.
Cruz found this the best place to eat his lasagna.
Katanya enjoyed her nap. I can't believe she is almost three months.
Cruz enjoying time to play.