Monday, November 28, 2005

The awful dentist

Unlike Betsy I am not grateful for a dentist. Alright maybe a little. I broke a tooth on my way down to Utah in October. I had been putting off a root canal anyway but it was desperately needed that I go in. I was putting it off still, when Erika made a good point. I didn't want to be in Hawaii and get a terrible tooth ache and not enjoy our vacation. So I went into the dentist today and it turned out I had put it off too long. It had to be extracted. Thank goodness it was my back tooth. After two hours of digging out my roots and stitching my gums back up I am in great pain. I hate medicine but it has come to no choice. I filled the prescription and got the Loratabs. Last time I took pain medicine I ended up throwing up outside the hospital and sleeping all day. I rather not take them. I am really goofy right now but I feel wierd as well but at least there is no pain (at least for now). All I can say is that next time, in no way, am I putting it off.

The girls fed the ducks at Utah Lake. It was REALLY cold and windy. We soon began throwing full pieces of bread so we could get back in the car. Posted by Picasa

Dad and Cruz....all bundled up. Posted by Picasa

Kirsten's new thing is "Mom, take a picture of me like this!" This was one of her poses. Her hair has to be in braids to be a princess. ??? Either one or two (I don't understand it myself). Posted by Picasa

Cruz and his funny grin. He is finally walking when he wants too. He will only do it for the attention and if people are watching and clapping. We have a small movie but I don't know how to post it. Posted by Picasa

Kirsten and Jake. (McKay was at Mike's for Thanksgiving). Posted by Picasa

Karolina and Felipe. The so wanted piggy bank. Posted by Picasa

Amalia and Erika! Big roller! Posted by Picasa

Hannah rolling the dice. Posted by Picasa

Candy Game

The FAMOUS candy board game. Jake went all out and created a colorful new board with a few new squares. As you can see we had a lot of candy because on each number there are just piles of candy. Both the kids and the adults had fun.

The adults and the pineapple (the center piece). Posted by Picasa

The kids and their turkeys! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 18, 2005

Like father like son....need I say more Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hocus Pocus!

It is soooo cold up here. It reminds me how much I hate the winter and cold now that I am a wimp. I am so looking forward to our Hawaii trip in a month! Blue oceans, warm air, clear skies.............

Alright, so a few days ago I went to an herbal shop. My friend referred me there a long time ago and I had always laughed at her. Anyway I was amazed at what the lady could tell. She has some wierd 'body energy' thing that can supposedly tell you what is 'out of whack' in your body. She does it by you pushing your thumb and middle finger together and when you say a word, your body "releases" an energy whether it's positive or negative. Anyway when you say the word she tries to pull your fingers apart. If she can't then that part of the body is strong. If she can then that part of your body is weak. Then she showed me some other stuff. Like when she said heart, my fingers stayed together. Then she had me hold a can of sugar (poison) and say heart and I couldn't keep my fingers together. Then I put it down and they stayed together. It's wierd is all I can say. Anyway I have a feeling that it's true because everything that was 'wrong' with me matched the symptons that she asked. Anyway I decided to try what she recommended and see if it works. I honestly think your body and tell you stuff. I guess I will find out...

So I told Jake about it and of course you can guess what he was saying. That it was just like a physic or something. You should have seen his face, he was like 'oh man, what is my wife doing now!' Has anyone of you guys ever tried herbs or been to see an herb 'counselor'? Just wondering. I don't think herbs are the answer to everything, but some simple stuff, what can it hurt to try? Hopefully you guys don't think I am some sorta of wierdo or something.

On another note, we got our new camera today! I am excited. Our last one got broken ( I won't say how) but it was almost as much to fix it as to get a new one! That and I feel like we got a steel on it!