Monday, December 29, 2008

Our simple Christmas at home

Since New Year's Eve isn't too far away, I better get this year done and behind us. Originally we had planned to join up with the family group in Texas, but as some work came Jake's way, we decided it was better off to stay at home. The kids woke up a little before nine. We got dressed and ready to give Jake a little extra sleeping time. Here are some highlights.Kirsten has been scoping out this build-a-bear dog for months. It's my kind of pet for inside. It came with several different outfits.Cruz got some extensions for his Thomas the Train set. We can finally build a fun track. Katanya got a kitchen set (as she played with Hazels non-stop while we were in Texas). Kirsten picked out a doll as her gift to her and that has been her favorite. She eats, sleeps, and rides with it everywhere.

The one benefit for us to stay at home is there is no obligation to visit anyone. We all played all day and enjoyed knowing that we could do whatever we wanted.

Now comes the New Year and Resolutions.......I have such high expectations for next year.

straight a's

Kirsten: Dad, Dad, Dad!

(Jake was in the other room but obviously heard. Finally, after several minutes he walked out.)

Jake: What do you need Kirsten?

Kirsten: Dad, when you were little, did you get straight A's?

Jake: Yes

Kirsten: Then why haven't you learned to listen?

I love how this girl speaks her mind........sometimes.

Better numbers!

I woke up this morning and saw something great!

39 degrees!

I never thought I would love seeing that number but quite a bit of snow has melted already. Infact, this qualifies as jacket weather for me.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas this year was spent at home. McKay has mentioned that she hasn't been able to have a Christmas at home yet (this home). It wasn't this year either.Zeb and Daisy just moved into our neck of the woods so we invited them over for Christmas Eve for some snow fun and hot food. Last week when we went up for Jake to help unpack, McKay asked who they were. I explained how they were related to Erika and how we knew them. McKay said, "so they are cousins-ish?"
Yep.Laura and Kirsten hit it off immediately. We all know Kirsten isn't shy.Mateo wasn't too sure of the snow. It might take some time for him to get used to it. (plus the wind and the cold).I loved this picture (minus the van.)Cruz and Katanya found the snowdrifts to be fun sledding hills. The wind has been rather nasty here and has taken the foot plus of snow and made 4-5 foot snow drifts.Cruz first.Katanya next.....and down she goes....With a face full of snow.

Later that night we ate until our we couldn't eat anymore. We enjoyed having close friends over and not having to go anywhere.

Although later that night when it was time to go to bed Jake said to me....."Christmas just isn't the same without McKay." I agree.

Monday, December 22, 2008

kirsten to mckay

Kirsten came to me today and asked me to mail these to McKay. So I'm doing it overnight via "blogmail". The only sad part is.....she's only been gone one day.

where has the time gone?

Our family 2008

-My first idea was to find a metal bench and go out in the ocean, sit on it, and take a picture. What a great idea!!!! We couldn't find a metal bench to buy, but when we found some, no one let us "borrow" them. Didn't hurt to ask.

-I can't believe there are only 9 days left in this year. Only 3 days until Christmas. I look back over the year, and wonder what have I done? I can't believe that we have a nine year old daughter. At times, I wonder if I'm really 29 and already have four children. Jake and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary this year, but what have we done in 7 years?

- 2009? What's to come?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

simply deliciouso

I'm trying to be positive with all the snow and cold so I have to admit that with winter, it brings yummy foods. I enjoy all the soups during this season. Lately, McKay has been begging for split pea and ham soup. So last week, I cooked a ham and saved the bone for the soup. I am one that buys a ham or a turkey just so I can make soup the next day. That's the part that I enjoy.

So, tonight was the night, and it was YUMMY!

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Christmas Traditions

This year my goal was to get our neighbors and friends a "more personal" Christmas gift. I think last year I didn't do anything since we were in Texas, yeah, pretty sure. So this year I went back to when I was a kid (something I don't do very often) and remembered the beef "sausage" stick that my mom used to make. I've made it several times throughout the years but only for our family and a few close friends. Everybody has said they like it.....everybody but Jake.
After three days of mixing and kneading up the ingredients, I start on the baking voyage of three days for three different 5 pound batches that cooks 8 hours each. My house smell quite delicious and homey. If you want the recipe click here.
So the question comes down to this....As I was mixing the meat with the spices and kneading it, Jake asks, "Isn't that disgusting to your hands?" I said, "Yeah but what do you do?" He responded, "Use a mixer?" I laughed.

So, is that really possible? I personally don't think so.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

You know you are getting old....

(this picture is from a couple years ago....)....when you don't want to go outside at all in the snow.

I remember as a kid going out and playing for hours and hours. The cold didn't bother me when it was time to go in, I would get so upset. So now, with my kids wanting to bundle up and go out and play in the snow, am I such a wimp?

So far this year we have about a foot of snow and right now it's -5 (windchill -18). It's times like these I wonder why we chose Idaho? I haven't gone out all week, and today I finally have to toughen up and go to town. Not to mention finish Christmas shopping.

I guess it's another bummer that we are all coming down sick. I've had my share the past couple days and now the kids are all coming down sick.

Winter is just so depressing. Okay, it's not that depressing. It's just that summer wasn't long enough. We are enjoying the Christmas music (still)!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

wrapping, unwrapping, rewrapping .... deja vu

Two different perspectives of today:
For the past week I have had only one present under the tree.
Due to the littlest child, for the past week I have wrapped this same present three times. (I am lucky that I put it in a box and taped it.)
If I had better hiding places and not so curious kids, I would have no presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.
Now that we went shopping there are a few more presents under the tree.
Any guesses on how many I will be rewrapping?

Our first real storm came today. Snow and wind = bad roads and drifts.
For the first time, I am glad we still have our suburban when we traveled out on the roads tonight. Our last snow storm, (in Colorado) Jake thought that when you are not stopping, you should give it more gas and take the turn anyway. Destruction was a new hub and bearing.
The high tomorrow is 18. The low 9. So why does my thermometer say 2?

$ 1.33

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One of our Christmas Traditions

It's taken me awhile to adjust to the cold back home. I think it's been two weeks since I have actually blogged. Lucky for me, Jake has.

One tradition that I started when Jake and I first got married was each year on the tree we would put up two new ornaments a year. The first being a family picture and the second being an ornament that symbolized something great for that year.
IE: 2001 is the Salt Lake Temple for us being married and sealed, 2002 is a carriage for Kirsten's birth, 2003 is the state of Idaho for our move, 2004 is a binkie for Cruz's's self explanatory.
The first three or four years, our Christmas tree was a little bare. Now that this is our eighth Christmas together, it's finally looking like a Christmas tree. Now that my ornament from this year arrived in the mail today, my tree is complete for this year, and I have something to blog about.

Monday, December 08, 2008

can you beat it?

$ 1.39

I filled up with gas today and was shocked by the price ... how ironic is it that when I was burning through nearly 1000 gallons per month the price was over $4 and now when I barely use a drop it is so cheap?

How much did you pay today?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

do you ever get bored while driving?

I do so while I spent time in the passenger seat I got out the camera and took nearly 150 shots of my shadow (moving at 75 MPH) just to get this ONE!

Thank goodness that the DOT likes to make cuts in the hillsides on highways ... they make a great canvas!

So really, what are the fun things you do to pass the time in the car?