Friday, June 28, 2013

On the way

Post #999

Last night I told McKay that she could not set her alarm any earlier than 7:00 AM because I wanted to sleep. She was not happy to hear that. The irony is that my water broke this morning at 6:25 AM and I ended up being her alarm.  Also,  when I got to the car I realized that I forgot to put on shoes.  Jacob ran back into the house and grabbed me these. For some reason he felt so rushed that he grabbed his flip flops for me to wear....... more to come! #inNeedOfMinolaBlahnik

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A numbers game

Our family blog is coming up on it's 1000 post. I'm sort of hoping that "Baby G" (girl) will make her debut so she can be the 1000 post.  And yes, we still have NOT decided on a name.  I'm actually not really stressing about it since it will work itself out.
This picture is actually when I was 36 1/2 weeks along.  The baby basketball picture below is at 37 1/2 weeks.  Its a little more current.  After our last ultrasound, the doctor said that it would probably be my biggest baby yet.  Now this has me a little worried.  My biggest baby was Cruz weighing in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces.  They had figured at 36 weeks the baby was already 5.75 pounds.  I'm just hoping she comes a little early like the rest of mine have.

So we have bets going on for when she decides to come and how much she weighs.  Her due date is July 12.  I can't get induced because I'm opting for a VBAC and they won't start me due to my last C-Section.  So here are our guesses.
Jacob - June 27 - 7 pounds 6 ounces
Amy - July 2 - 7 pounds 2 ounces 
(7/2 and 7/2, trying to play the number game)
McKay - July 1 - 7 pounds 11 ounces
Kirsten - June 30 - 7 pounds 3 ounces
Cruz - July 5 - 7 pounds even
Katanya - July 3 - 6 pounds 10 ounces
We would love to hear your guesses!

Monday, June 24, 2013

It couldn't hurt to try right?

 I'm officially 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date.  So my brother and his wife are visiting this weekend and my sitster-in-law and her family came in for a short hello too.
The girls decided to try to get the labor stages just a little more advanced.  They had me do a minute of vigorous tummy rubbing followed by 3 minutes of squats and lunges (x2).  This was there labor dance.  I was so sore in my thighs by the second time that I volunteered to go run a mile with them if they had bellies too.  Of course they did.  It was fun.  I made it slowly jogging with only one bathroom stop and one "catch-my-breath-stop."  And as my kids have asked me numerous times, no I don't think a baby will be coming tonight.
And although I'm pretty sore tonight, I can't wait to get out and do this for real.

Handy Manny Jacob

Back in April, Jacob and I went to dinner and a friend asked us how long we were going to keep the old escort.

It died on the way home.  I don't think that Jacob was ready to say goodbye to it.  That and I swear pride had just a little to do with rebuilding the engine.   
Just to show me he could do it.  This is what perfect timing is suppose to be like?
By Saturday morning, he was putting the engine back in the car....
and watching You Tube videos on the side.
But finally.....
Jacob got smart and put a shade cover and was able to work on the car all day.
I'm hoping after the surplus in expensives that this beast turns over and works again......AC included.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cub Scout Day Camp

As promised, Cub Scout Day Camp is bigger and better in Texas.  It's a four day  activity and you are required to send a volunteer one of the days.  Because of my situation, Jacob was volunteered to be the volunteer.  Not something he was super excited about doing because of the temperatures being in high nineties.  They had also estimated about 500 Cub Scouts that were going to attend.  This whole Cub Scout / Boy Scout thing is new to me so I'm still trying to figure it out.   The first day was cancelled (a very rare happening) due to lightening and a downpour of rain in the morning, so it was actually changed to a three day event.  Cruz took pictures with one of our old smart phones, so I'm curious they turned out.  If there are any interesting ones, I'll be sure to post them.  Anyway, he finally came home Friday afternoon, a little pink and tired (his gardening hat saved this kid from the sun!) but he was full of stories and LOVED it!  
P.S.  Bonus post to come later.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

This year Anya turned 7 on the 18th! Happy Birthday!
She loves being an active girl.  So this year she got a big(ger) bike, roller skates, and protective gear. 
The gear was a must!
The roller skates were the big hit!  Ever since going with our friends a couple months ago, she has begged to do it again and again.
It only took a couple (or more) falls before she got the hang of it again.  She hates help and is very independent......
I wonder who she gets that from.
So my baby girl is now 7 and in second grade!
And not much longer she will be a big sister and not the baby anymore.  But she'll always be my sweetheart.  (Her missing tooth count is now up to six, four on top and two on the bottom.)

And of course, the birthday cake (the Texas Chocolate Sheet cake is preferred among the kids.) 
Make a wish!

Monday, June 03, 2013

A change in voice a little earlier than expected

Cruz had his tonsils out today. (Yes, this is after the surgery.)
It was the fastest surgery I've ever seen.  We checked in at 7:45, they took us back at 8:20, they wheeled him away at 8:40 and the doctor consulted me at 9:01.  10 minutes later I was with him while he was coming out of it (which wasn't the easy part as he realized how bad his throat hurt.  He did not want to be there,) and then at 11:05, we were discharged and headed home.
He wasn't happy until he got to push himself and ride in the wheelchair.  For some reason that made his day.
He came home and we set up a futon mattress, movies, and a white board to write on.  His first week of summer diet will consist of shakes, jello, smoothies, otter pops, yogurt, pudding, and other soft foods that he can eat.
They gave him the little stuffed dog at the hospital.  He has wanted that all day.  He was teasing about being able to remember everything before the surgery so he named it "Woofers."  He did remember his dog's name when he came out of it but he didn't remember any of his sisters.  He said he was the only child. 

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Say "aaaahhhhhh"

Tomorrow is the day we get these bad boys out! 
After eight cases of strep in the last year, I think its time.
Speaking of taking things out, Katanya's starting to look like a toothless wonder.  She's lost three up top and a couple on the bottom.  She's getting rich from the tooth fairy.  (She looks pretty beat up in general after taking some rough play at the pool from some teenage kids.)

Another grade under the belts

One school year ago....August 2013 
 And now its over.  Its summer time.  It flew by at times and at others it seemed like it was going the same pace as a sloth would.  They have all gotten older and grown.  Wowzer.
Cruz and Katanya have LOVED their teachers this year.  Katanya had the same one that Cruz did last year.  In fact, they share a lot of things in common.  I love that these two play really good together!  (Did I mention they are the exact same weight, right down to the ounce?  Except Cruz has 2 1/2 inches on her right now.)
Kirsten LOVED her teacher as well!  She loved every day of fifth grade.  It was her last day in elementary school.
For her fifth grade promotion, we bought a new dress and shoes.  I fell in love with the dress before she did and we bought it as a "back up dress" in case we didn't find anything else.  For $20, you can't go wrong.  It turned out after three stores and too many hours, we couldn't find anything.  So it was a keeper.  She ended up falling in love with it that evening.  (Because it passed the twirling test.)
We are so proud of our kids!  Here's hoping to a long fun summer and praying the kids start getting along so I don't wish for school to start sooner than necessary.
P.S.  McKay didn't want any last day pictures in so there are no comparisons.  I can't believe we only have three more years with her in high school before she is graduated and off to college.  When did I get so old?

Saturday, June 01, 2013

May's Madness

This month is gone as I'm writing this post on June 1st. I can't believe it. 41 days until my "real" due date. That's really not a long time but in my mind it still seems too long.  I'm really hoping that this sweet angel girl comes a little earlier than that.  They have estimated that she will be my biggest baby yet.  I'll be fine with a delivery in anything after 20 days.  I'm actually shooting for July 2nd if anyone has any control of that.  :-) I posted my bittersweet news on Mother's Day.  But here is the rest of the news..... (updates)
The third week of May Jacob went up to upstate NY to work a little and then I met him for a long weekend so we could look at the area and neighborhoods and get a feel for it.  I'm not sure what to think yet.  Sunday we finally took a day off (since it was Stake Conference for all of the wards there) we went up to Niagara Falls.  We didn't do any of the "touristy" things as we figure we will wait for our children to be here for that. 
It really pretty.  But just from looking and from what everyone has said, the Canada side is WAY better.  I have my passport but it looks like we are going to have to get the kids and Jacob's paperwork going so we can take advantage of it.
Forever.....even if its following him off a cliff......
I came home and had less than a week to finally get a Texas drivers license before my Idaho one expired.  I don't like my new one.  Who would at 7 1/2 months pregnant.  At least they didn't make me put my pregnancy weight down.  Maybe they just didn't notice.  Oh well, at some point I'll have to get a New York license.  (Maybe.)
McKay had her first Stake Youth Dance.  She had counted down the day for months!  She was so upset she missed the Stake Youth Conference by less than ten days.  Now she's trying to convince dad into staying ten extra days so she can make it to the next one in August!