Monday, February 26, 2007

If I Had a MILLION dollars

I could waste it on all the good stuff, as per Kirsten. We were listening to this famous song when the subject came up.

Sitting up.....finally

It took a few extra months then my other children (but technically she really should only be 6 months instead of 8 months, how time has flown by) but Katanya is finally sitting up. She is wanting to crawl already to. She is going to be one like Kirsten I suppose. Always trying to be bigger than she really is.
The next picture is a classic. She is often "blowing out" and most of the time it requires a bath afterward. Our sink in the master bathroom is HUGE. I can lay her down and she will fit all the way in, with her legs extended. Although the other day she enjoyed it a little too much. With the warm water running on her and with her sucking on her toy, yes, she did fall asleep. How nice would it be to be able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime you wanted?

Friday, February 16, 2007


Getting ready for church on Sunday I wondered if Jake was ready......Me: Are you ready?
Jake: Yes.
Me: Are you serious? You are going with your hair like that?
Jake: Yes, it's the messy look.
Me: Sure.
Then he turns to McKay.
Jake: Do you like it?
McKay: (Nothing. Her eyes are big and you can see the wheels in her brain spinning as she is thinking what she should say.)
So of course he asked our most opionated child if she liked it.
Kirsten: Yeah, I think. I just need to get used to it first.
Needless to say, he did comb and style his hair. I think it just needs to grow a little more. Although change does need to take getting used to as Kirsten said best.


Not any more. Jake wasn't "the happiest" person when he found out. But here is how it goes.


I really like it long. It was just getting hard because he wouldn't let me do it all the time and I was tired of going somewhere and having it be a mess and all over. Anyway two weeks before I cut it here is how the conversation went between Jake and I.

Me: I don't like his hair, I'm thinking about cutting it.

Jake: I don't care, do whatever you want. (Exact words).

So two weeks went by and (on Feb. 3rd) after debating and thinking I did a spur of the moment hair cut. I guess it was in the water or something.


It looks really cute and he lets me put gel on it and fix it. Although when Jake came home it was a different story.

After Jake not talking to me for an hour or so I finally asked;

Me: Are you mad?

Jake: Yes, I told you I wanted it long. Now we aren't twinners. (Yes twinners?)

Me: But you said, "do whatever?"

Jake: I didn't mean it. I didn't think you would cut it.

So now we are back to the growing it out stage.

We are alive....

Since many have wondered where our posts have been (or lack of) I blame it on Blogger. Actually, it's just been a crazy last couple of weeks with normal everyday stuff on top of Katanya being sick. Nothing serious, just a case of croupe but all is well now. Another reason was my camera was out in the suburban and whenever I thought about blogging I didn't want to run out in the cold to get it. I sounds lazy.

Anyway point of the post. We are alive and now healthy. We are getting ready to start a crazy summer but I am excited. We have high hopes for our nursery. It's finally warming up (it's been in the 40's for our high) and that is a heatwave for me. Anything above 20 I don't need a coat (although the kids do). Enjoy the pics and I will try to do better. (It's pretty serious when people are calling to make sure everything is okay).