Friday, February 18, 2011

Grandpa's Fun

At the first of February, Jacob had a training and a fair down in Provo. We all headed down for a nice break and a stay with my parents. Plus we got treated to a yummy dinner at Tucanos. Nobody can pass up that place.
My dad has a collection of hats (150+) that the kids found and each picked out. Yes they are old and outdated but fashion comes in and out right? They wore them to the Bookstore with Grandpa, where we got many strange looks and they even got to take them home.
Can you tell which show the girls have been watching with me? Kirsten's had many great poses.

(answer: America's Next Top Model)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Kirsten got crushed on Valentine's Day. Okay, it was actually on Friday but it led up to an eventful weekend. One thing our family is not shy on is drama.
Friday afternoon I got a call from the school saying her fingers (the middle three) had been shut in a door. She was shaken and hurt and wanted to come home. They swelled up and were bruised pretty bad. The sad part was that they were closed in the hinge side of the door and it had clicked shut so somebody had to open it for her to get her hand out. On Sunday afternoon the pain increased and so did the redness in the ring finger which led to an ER visit that night. It turned out that she had broken the tips of the middle and ring fingers and had to have her ring finger drained of the infection. Almost a week later and she is still pretty bruised but not as swollen. My guess is, is that she will lose all three of the fingernails.