Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Thankful For ????

We had some family (Joey, Sarah, Hannah T. and Maddy) over for Thanksgiving break. It has been really fun and we have all had a lot of laughs. Here is what we are thankful for.... (the words under their picture is there main thing this year) SleepToffifay (Cruz went in last night and opened every box that was for the candy game, btw Axel, they are a dollar at the Dollar Store so why have we been paying $1.70 for them.)Littlest Pet Shops whose favorite is a dogAnimals (squirrels was one mentioned)Family, Friends, Corey, Fourwheelers, Horses and CopperJacob's wise words of dating wisdomTortilla and refried beans and homegrown pig baconPainkillers (ask him about his horseback riding 10 hour experience)The negative population growth in North Dakota

My family most of all but second.....Turbo Jam :)

(I got my second edition yesterday, I was in heaven when I saw the Fed-Ex truck pull up in the driveway. Sarah and I got our butts kicked but we love it anyway!)

Friday, November 03, 2006

A manly man

Cruz's true passion.........anything that has power. (Yes I know his hat is pink, we couldn't find his brown one and it was really cold outside.)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A new Halloween Tradition? maybe ?

We started a new tradition last night. We gave our kids the option of going out into 22 degree weather, go trick-or-treating to a few houses, be freezing cold, and go home. OR Go to Toys-R-Us, Have $10 to spend on a toy, frost sugar cookies, and have fun with the fam. The kids were smart and opted the last one. They still got to dress up and celebrate.

Anyway on to the pictures. Cruz had been dressed up as a stealth pilot for the whole day.

Kirsten who was a witch came to me to put some clips in to keep her hair out of her face. Cruz came running up and wanted clips in his hair also. It gave me this IDEA...... And you have to admit....he could make a really cute girl. Although I SWORE to Jake I would never do this again. That this was the ONLY night.He enjoyed clopping around on the heels....needless to say he stumbled many times.A close up......Halloween was simple...we went to the dress up box and they picked their costumes. McKay wore her genie costume again this year to school. Since it was so cold I made her wear two layers. Kirsten was a witch. Cruz was a fighter pilot and then a girl.