Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer time!

I started a list for the summer. I am so excited and have been waiting for what seems like forever. Then writing these lists I just realized how boring my life really is. Ha ha. I guess Jake will have to fill in the question marks. His life is more exciting. I guess I just wanted to take it easy this year and not plan much. That way the kids can still do some summer activities and I can still be sain. Anyway we are ready and off! Today was our first day.

Top 10 reasons I am glad for summer!

8-Possible IKEA trip
7-Time to catch up on all the projects I started during the school year and never finished.
6-Less Utah trips.
5-Family is coming to visit in July!
4-More time to play!
3-In August, our new baby will be here!
2-Getting into our new house hopefully in July! (I am so excited with our colors!)
1-No more getting up early for school!!! I can sleep in at least an hour later (if the kids would)

Top 10 reasons I am bummed for June to be here all ready!

7-Too much to do and too little time!
6-No beach vacations planned this year, although Jake is ready for a BIG vacation.
5-Half the year is gone!
4-The kids are off their schedule. I miss the 8 o'clock bedtime. It's hard to put them in bed with daylight still outside.
3-We are still in the townhouse, but have high hopes for July 1st! (I am being positive)
2-Jake's work schedule jumps to 16 hour days.
1-McKay is in Utah for a month with her other dad. (although I am sure she is having a blast!)

On Memorial Day, my dad's side has a big family reunion. We are usually in Utah for it. We actually had all the grandkids together for a pose. This doesn't happen very often, and there isn't that many either.  Posted by Picasa

McKay was a big sister today. She enjoyed leading Cruz around and showing him everything. She is a big helper. Posted by Picasa

Another day....another year.....that's how it feels when you get older. Jake insisted on all 27 candles.  Posted by Picasa


Another trip to Utah.....actually this one was a little longer and busier. My dad likes to take the kids on an annual fishing trip up to a fish farm in Kamas. The kids enjoy it because they catch PLENTY of fish and it's not boring for them. This year they wanted to see who could get the biggest fish. The secret to catching them was to let the worm dangle about 2 inches above the water and let the fish jump out for the hook. (Usually fish aren't jumping to get caught.) Only the bigger fish could jump higher. The kids had fun. McKay and Kirsten were catching fish as fast as grandpa could get the worm hooked on. Cruz wasn't so sure of the whole fish thing but soon had fun feeding the fish fish food...until the quarters ran out. Poor grandpa will be eating fish for awhile. We caught 18 fish (trout) in all.

McKay took her fishing seriously. She was very independant and wanted to do it on her own. She figured how to catch the bigger fish pretty fast. Posted by Picasa

McKay and one of her catches. Posted by Picasa

McKay wanted to take one home as a pet. Infact she would like to take everything home as a pet.  Posted by Picasa

Gross! Who has some mouthwash? Posted by Picasa

This was my favorite of Kirsten. Her face is priceless. Posted by Picasa

Kirsten wanted the fish to follow. Come fishy come! Posted by Picasa

Cruz wasn't sure what to think of the fish at first. He was fine if the fish didn't move but if it started wiggling then he wanted dad close by. Posted by Picasa

Cruz like feeding the fish fish food. He is trying to get more out of the holder. Posted by Picasa

Jake tried his own fishing pole.....his finger. There is a lot of fish in the fish ponds. He would stick in his finger and the fish would bite. Look at the following picture! Posted by Picasa

Jake actually would get bit by the fish. Posted by Picasa

Grandparents and grandkids. Posted by Picasa

McKay and Grandpa with more rocks for her rock collection. There was a lot of petrified wood and geodes. McKay has taken an interest to rocks and their colors and worth. Her grandpa gave her a small rock from a mine that actually has a small piece of real gold. She loves it! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Almost summer????

So I have been slow and not blogged. It's been crazy trying to just keep up with everything.
Here is a small update:

- The house is coming along slowly. It's been framed and now there is only cabinets, sheet rock, painting, carpeting, a bathroom, and the new heater / AC. Needless to say the deadline is back to July 1st.

- School is almost done. Yeah!!!!

- Grandpa (Dale) has been up the past couple of days and we are loving it. The kids and I (Jake had to work on Monday) went down Sunday to pick him up on Monday. While we were there we celebrated Karolina's party with her. It is always fun to see cousins. On Monday we picked up the cabinet wood and headed home. The trip wasn't as long as the way down. I was nervous with the big trailer and all. I had to replace one tire before our trip back and I always have bad luck. Anyway, like I said, my kids have loved having their Grandpa here. McKay likes to play checkers and Kirsten is just a chatter box. She has to inform him on anything and everything that has happened the last year or more. Cruz has finally warmed up to him and enjoys sitting and playing with him also. We love family and exspecially when they come and visit. (open invitation by the way to anyone who is ever in Idaho) Other than that it is just the normal running and trying to keep up with the things going on. I will take some pics of the house and post them soon.

Grandpa reading stories. Posted by Picasa

A picnic for lunch. Posted by Picasa

Classic picture. Everyone but Grandpa has a funny face.  Posted by Picasa

All of Karolina's cousins (at her party) minus the babies.  Posted by Picasa

Peek-a-boo! Posted by Picasa

Kirsten and Cruz helped mom make a tower too. Posted by Picasa

The kids enjoy building towers. I don't think it ever gets old. I found myself joining them. This was McKay's creation....all by herself. Posted by Picasa

This was Mother's Day on our way to church. The girls had grabbed their scriptures and scripture's bag so Cruz had to take his bucket and sippy cup. Posted by Picasa

Here is a two week old picture of the house. Since then Jake has framed the new wall of the master, the new master bathroom and closet and the hallway. He also has framed the kitchen in the pantry. Needless to say, the deadline has been pushed back to July 1st.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Extended deadline

I just thought I would hurry and blog for a moment and update the progress on the new house. I haven't taken any pictures for a couple weeks because I get too discourage. I will start taking more as it comes together. Our goal is to have all the 'tearing' out phase down at the end of the week. Then I am sure it will look better the next time I go. We have also re-designed a few things do to cost expenditures.


All the carpet is out. The granite rock at the doorway is gone. Jake is tearing down another wall tonight to extend and make a walk in closet and a bigger master bath. One of the walls is tore apart downstairs to expand and make the windows bigger (and safer). Older houses in Idaho have this thing with windows that don't open in the basement. DUH! The kitchen and living room is all cleaned up and ready to start putting together.

Now the hard part comes. Jake is taking on the chore of building the cabinets and cupboards and all of that. Obviously we had to extend our deadline and push it back to June 15th. I am expecting the 30th to be honest but I have to have high hopes of it being done on the 15th. Luckily no one had rented the townhouse and we were able to stay!

Jake is back to his normal "work" schedule. It's crazy and I feel really bad for him. He works from 7 am to midnight almost everynight. Cruz went to bed really early last night (due to lack of napping the last couple days and staying up late the night before) and he didn't even see his dad. He is really a daddy's boy and has a hard time when he isn't there. He woke up a little before Jake came home that night and I put him in our bed and he was so EXCITED to lay by his dad. The little things really matter.