Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ticket to ride

It's called "TICKET TO RIDE," and surprisingly Jacob has gotten REALLY competitive about winning.
We got this game for Christmas from our Schellenberg cousins. We have enjoyed playing it with friends and family. I've noticed that along with Settlers of Catan, Germans make really good games. We enjoyed many fun rounds with Hannah and Axel when they were here. (Jacob was also caught cheating an hour into the New Year but found out later that his intentions weren't for himself.)

P.S. This is the North America version. There are different countries with different rules for variety.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

aunt and uncle ----- sister and brother

We just said goodbye to Hannah and Axel! They came up for a weekend visit to play with us. Time flies when you are having fun with family.

Yesterday the boys shot guns in the early afternoon and then we all enjoyed a little snow play.
We haven't seen Axel in almost 18 months. My kids greeted and played all weekend long with LOTS of ENERGY! They couldn't get enough of either one of them.
Axel triumphed over Hannah on the snow fight.
Katanya had the sled thing a little backwards. She would rather get pulled up the hill than go down.

We also got out the four wheeler and sled and pulled them over the property. Then our neighbor brought over his snowmobile and let us use it for a little while. This weekend happened so fast. It makes you realize how important family is. Thanks Hannah and Axel for coming!