Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lack of....

Lack of free time, lack of boredom, lack of sanity =

Lack of Blogging.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We left for our trip on Wednesday evening. We had a few setbacks (brakes, too much stuff, and loading a trailer).

Thursday we ran errands and spent a night at & with Keli & Sean. (see here) (Kirsten's pink hair will be explained later)

We left Friday morning, (not as early as we hoped) but we were on our way. At midnight we finally ran into a major snowstorm. We had avoided bad weather all day. It then took us 2 hours and a lot of doubt in my mind to get 27 miles to the nearest town.

Saturday we were off again. We were in New Mexico, and about 20 minutes into our "stressful" morning drive (very slick roads) we were the first ones to come up on a rollover. Jake and I stopped and helped the family. Luckily no one was hurt but the highway patrol couldn't get there for two hours. They ended up being from Austin and had been driving all night. Jake helped find a tow truck (the parents didn't speak very good english) and then a couple of them rode with us and the rest got into a van that had been traveling with them. We were off to Austin once again.

Our kids have been used to traveling and didn't say a word. It ended up taking an extra 5 hours and they were great! We dropped the other kids off at a local WalMart and then we finally got to Betsy's at midnight.

The rest goes as follows:

Relax, eat, relax, watch movies, eat, and believe it or not Betsy and I have actually been running (starting on Christmas)! I have a goal of improving greatly on the Moab marathon. (btw Karl, it ended up being less then what Jake told you. : ) yay for travel agencies.)

It's been a great couple of days and we are looking forward to another great week here.

I'll follow up with a Christmas post as soon as I find the pictures.

Merry Christmas to Everyone once again. We love and miss you all!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

From the mouth of children

(Yesterday evening @ 9 p.m. Kids are getting ready for bed)

McKay: Mom is tomorrow the first Sunday?
Me: Yes.
McKay: Then we have to go stuff ourselves.

McKay then proceeds to tell Kirsten about fast Sunday.

Kirsten: Are you telling me that I can't have breakfast or lunch anymore on Sundays? That's crazy.