Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ready for bed

I will say right off, I posted a lot of pics. Sorry. I guess it's something you go in spurts sometimes. The last week, I have actually blogged religiously. While at other times, it can go weeks. Anyway McKay had a fun birthday and we are glad to have such a sweet and smart daughter. Happy Birthday one last time!

P.S. Thanks Jake for helping make this all happen. He deserves most of the credit. You are a great dad!

This was before she unwrapped the gifts. We had stuffed all our presents we gave her in the duffle bag. We were being concious about paper this year. Actually I was up making cupcakes til 1 pm and was too tired to wrap them.  Posted by Picasa

The presents. She had to open them this morning before her party. A few of her presents had been sitting on the counter for about a week and everyday it was a tease to her. Anyway, thank you Grandmas and Grandpas for the gifts! Posted by Picasa

I had to put this on. One of McKay's gifts was a puzzle Disney Princess hopskotch. We were playing this evening and even Jake decided to join. His feet were a little big, but hey, it's all fun and games. I tried once to do it but being pregnant and the jumping, it didn't last very long. Posted by Picasa

Roller Skating Rumble

For McKay's party, she had been asking for a skating party for a couple months. We decided last minute to do it. Since it was a set fee for up to 100 people, she invited almost everyone. We rented the entire skating rink for 2 hours. It was actually really reasonably priced. The kids skated and we had snacks and played games. The time flew by. It was the easiest party I had ever been to and it looked like everyone had fun. McKay had smiles on her face all day!

Our group of kids and adults that skated. This was only half that was invited. Posted by Picasa

We played a bunch of different games. They did the limbo and played the number game. They also tried the "Hokey Pokey," which was very fun to watch. Posted by Picasa

McKay and one of her best friends Kaylee. Posted by Picasa

Trying to get hime to "try" skates. They didn't last very long. Just long enough for a picture and then he was back in shoes. Posted by Picasa

Cruz was a lot happier with his sandals on.  Posted by Picasa

Kirsten skating at the party. We found her a little pair of tri-blades that she loves. Posted by Picasa

Fun in the Sun While it lasts!

After McKay's party and lunch, we hauled the Bobcat around for dad. We took a break while he was working and played in our GREEN grass. The grass is rather long, but as any kid would, a lot was pulled and thrown.
McKay wanting to get buried in the grass.Practicing cartwheels.
Kirsten, my model again.
McKay took the camera and started taking pictures. Half of them were actually pretty good. Half of them were "nature" shots. (grass, sky, dirt, rocks, etc.)
Cruz is still at the stage that he does not like the feel of grass. He sat on my legs basically the whole time. This was one of McKay's pictures.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday McKay!!!!

McKay is finally seven! (after many days of counting down and asking how many more days....weeks....months.) She is the birthday girl today!

I thought I would put up a few shots of the past when McKay was turning two! I can't believe how fast she has grown up. It's crazy! I don't feel like the mom of a seven year old. These pictures are from April 22, 2001. Jake and I had just gotten engaged. This was her party that we had with all of the family. She had a broken arm at the time. Hester was barely in college, Hannah was living with Erika, and Erika hadn't had Karolina yet. A lot of things have happened in 5 years.

We had a "SKATING" party this morning. She was quite excited. She invited everyone from her school class, primary class, former friends and family that was up here. (we put no presents on the invitation) She invited basically everyone she knew. It worked out really well. We had cupcakes and ice cream cups and lemonaid. It was the easiest party yet (not cheap though). Although the kids all were busy and had fun. Not one person felt left out and they were all out falling and skating as much as they could. I will post pictures later when I download them. Even Cruz got a pair of skates on for a little bit today.

McKay opening presents at two. (five years ago)

McKay loved putting on clothes. In this picture she had on a shirt, two dresses, and a pair of shorts. Everything that was new that she had gotten in a present.

This is a picture of everybody. It's crazy how much we have all changed.

Happy Birthday Mckay! We love you!

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm a big kid now!

The last week, Cruz has decided he is a big boy now and doesn't need a high chair anymore. Although the table comes up to his nose and he can barely reach the food, he refuses to sit in the high chair. He is also a big daddy's boy as you can tell.

P.S. That is an A&W Rootbeer bottle by the milk incase there are any thoughts going on.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Sunday

We went over to Aunt Chris' on Sunday for dinner, an Easter program and an egg hunt. The kids enjoyed all of it. We enjoyed visiting family that we hadn't seen in awhile. We also enjoyed seeing Hester before she left. We hope everyone had a Happy Easter and we miss those we didn't see.

The sad part is that we drove home today and there was almost a foot of snow. Crazy! Our neighbors had warned us but you have to see it for yourself. Hopefully the warm temperatures come back soon.

Hester and Hannah! Posted by Picasa

Jake and Cruz with all the mad hunting going on. Posted by Picasa

Kirsten showing her findings.  Posted by Picasa

Kirsten is pointing out an Easter egg in a tree. The kids really enjoyed this. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Saturday

This weekend we went down to Utah...again...for Easter. McKay went down to her other dad's for Spring break (our school only has 2 days off) and Jake had some work to do. We were all excited and anxious for the weather that was the previous week. We had no such luck. Our Easter egg hunt on Sunday had to be inside but that night we were able to have a marshmallow roast outside. It was still better than the Idaho weather we left behind we later found out.
Kirsten looking for more eggs with Grandma taking more pics in the background.
Cruz finding his eggs. Notice the small little pair of Wranglers on. We are still waiting for Nate to buy some!
Our s'mores roast. The tin foil on the ground was to put your grahm cracker and chocolate on to let them melt. Kirsten was roasting her first marshmallow. We barely let it get warm and she went to pull it off the stuck. It was too "gooey" for her. She ran in the house and came back with a big bucket of wipes because she was all sticky. She would only eat the marshmallows plain. I later bribed her to try one bite of one after it was roasted. She put it her mouth and had a fit. She spit it out and had it all over her face. We tried to help her wipe it off her face but she stopped us and said, "I will lick it off." She just didn't want to get messy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The saga continues.....

I hadn't been to the house for a week, so tonight I decided to drive over and take a few more pics and see the damage. Now I know why I stay away. I have never been able to have a vision of the final project. Not just with this but in a lot of different cases. I walked in and I guess the look on my face was enough. WOW! I wouldn't have recognized anything. There are a few extra walls missing that we weren't going to remove but all in all Jake has done a lot of work. I think I am going to limit my visits though. Just too keep my marriage good and the stress level down. :)

This was the dining area. Jake ended up tearing apart the famous table. It was bolted down under the foundation and I guess there was no way of saving it. Although we are going to keep the chairs and make a picnic table for outside somewhere, or so he says.
This was the kitchen area. The walls weren't suppose to come down with the cabinets. I guess there was a few minor techniqualities that took place.
A view from the kitchen to the living room. I like the space though. I will admit it looks a lot bigger and will look a lot nicer. The drapes have still got to go. I don't know what kind of window treatments to do yet. Any ideas for this big monster window? They had a big paint sale at Home Depot and we have bought the paint. We don't have it tinted yet but I have chosen most of the colors. I think Jake wasn't expecting the boldness that I want. I have Betsy and Bonny to thank for the appreciation of color! I used to be a white wall person but that changed in 2003 when we visited both of them in the summer. Anyway, any opinions are very welcome!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

We went down to Utah this weekend "suddenly" for Jake's work. It was a very short trip, Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Although we enjoyed the sun and the good weather. The kids were able to play outside and 'waste' a lot of bottled up energy. I had spaced the fact that even though it was 75 degrees outside and a little breezy that the kids needed sunscreen. Kirsten and Cruz got a little red but haven't complained about it yet. Thank heaven for Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Cream to keep the pain away.
Jake and the kids by a fountain at The Gateway. This was our reason for the trip. We had to inspect a fountain and price it out so Jake could do a bid. Jake liked the "sunlight" for the picture. Where have I heard that one before? McKay is upset because I won't let her run thru the pop up fountains in the middle of the court and get wet. It was Friday night about 8 pm and a little on the cold side. I also didn't want wet kids the rest of the drive. Life is hard.The kids are glad to see Uncle Mike at home. We usually miss him with his busy social life.
Saturday morning, the kids are up and outside playing in grandpa's rocks. Who needs a sandbox? Left to Right: Cruz, Kirsten and Russell (cousin).McKay has always been my flower child. That is the first place she went. Grandma's flowers.
We got out the fourwheelers and took turns driving the kids around pasture. There are a few small hills and the kids enjoyed them. That and just being outside.! (another classic photo of "mom, take a picture") Posted by Picasa

McKay enjoyed riding with Grandpa on his fourwheeler. Posted by Picasa