Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"A pinch for the boring ones"

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day.....
.....and the older three took advantage of wearing green and pinching those that didn't.
 Anya felt a little green herself and got sick that morning.
And here is the 23 week mark. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Camping during spring break....in March. The best!

Our spring break camping trip consisted of....
8 different families camping over the space of 3 days.  This made a total of 16 adults and 36 children (yep 52 in all!)  We bought our first tent too for the outing.  Its pretty spacious.
There was plenty of badminton and volleyball,
Lots of slingshots for the kids as well as the adults,
Pocket knife whittling,
Jump roping, and dodge ball in the barn,
and a four wheeler to ride.  There was also plenty of dogs.  It turned out we were the only family without one.  (I'm okay with that though.)
 Some of us wanted to see if a choke chain really worked.  : )
We cooked tin foil dinners and had PLENTY of yummy dutch oven food over the space of three days,
Shot 22's, AR15's, and BB guns,
Jacob even made it up each night and camped with us (he even got up early to go to work, what a true dad!)
And of course one of the most favorite camping past times....
 The bonfires!
 But don't worry, we had  plenty of s'mores to go along with all of this!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Like father, like daughter, more than ever

First I need to point out that Jacob was trying to show his belly.  I don't think its a food baby.  He really doesn't have one to show normally.  Now.....
Where do I start?  Jacob's latest bargain find?  Nope.  Just a cheap, cheap deal he found at JC Penney's.  But the minute McKay saw them she went and found her pair....
She even said since dad had a work shirt (National Instruments) that she had to put on her work shirt (Cedar Ridge Orchestra.) 
In her words, "We're rocking the gold.  All of you people know its one of your deep dark wishes to have matching orange-yellow pants with your dad.  You know you're jealous!"
 I missed my 20 week picture so it's quite the baby bump jump. 
I'm now a couple days past 21 weeks.  I'm still waiting for the morning sickness to go away (I'm trying to think positive in hoping it does.)  The dress definitely accentuates the bump as Cruz said in church today, "Mom, I finally see the bump."