Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When I grow up....

This week at school is "Education Go Get It Week." Monday was "I want to be a ...." day. So the kids got to sign a poster stating what they wanted to be. This started a wonderful conversation at dinner time. I thought I'd share....
Katanya wants to be a cat trainer. She made it clear by saying, "Not a lion or tiger trainer, but a cat trainer...C-A-T."
Cruz said he wanted to be a police officer. He also said it was because it was a safe job. (?????)
Kirsten thought long and hard. She first thought about being a vet because she loves pets and that way she would get to be around them. Then she realized that she would have to deal with blood and quickly changed her mind. She decided (at this age) to be a math teacher.
And last but certainly not least, McKay wants to play in an orchestra and be an actress. Oh my! I think that maybe having two orchestra periods (chamber for violin and advanced for cello) and getting a main character in the school play has fogged her thinking. : ) Kids will be kids and I love mine!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i saved the best for last

Remember back in July when I posted the before pictures of our house? If not just click here to remind you. This was one of the rooms that was the UT orange. I really didn't want to do orange again.
So speed forward a couple months and we finally have those two rooms ALMOST put together.
This is suppose to be the formal dining room. It can be on occasion too. Right now it's our homework / computer / study room. We have all the computers on a big power strip down the table. (This table isn't to it's full size either. It can still expand on another 18 inches.) We figure if we ever need the space, we can clear everything off and eat on it. *Hint, hint, Thanksgiving.....guests....family.....friends. I also still want to find an antique dresser to store all of our "office" things.
And this is our music / reading room. There is just something about green. I love that color! I always have to have at least one room green. This one is my favorite shade yet. I need to take a new family picture and get a big picture of the Salt Lake Temple to hang on the walls. We also want a nice comfy chair by the bay windows that you can sit and read or relax in. I still have yet to find the right one for the right price. (Although I did a super nice one for the wrong price here and the color would be in black.) I can dream, can't I?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My little guy's birthday was last Saturday. He always waits so patiently as his birthday is the last one in the year. I love his smile and how happy he is in this picture!
He got plenty of presents and we spent the day driving remote controlled cars & helicopters and we ALL ended the day with a big nerf gun fight led by his dad. This one shocked me because it's usually Jacob that growls and doesn't like to play around.
He picked his cake and tried to blow out the candles. This year we found some really tricky trick candles. (From Toys R Us if you are wondering.) He eventually had to give up because they all wouldn't go out.

Happy Birthday Cruz! I hope 7 is Super!

Friday, September 09, 2011

her own personal orchestra

McKay is definitely a loved one. This is her new cello. Her teacher helped tune it this morning. This was the first time picking it up and playing it. (She already told me that this picture is a bad picture because she is holding the bow with a violin hand and not a cello hand.)She's been practicing nonstop for the last two hours. She hasn't had a lesson yet and she sounds quite good. I think I prefer the sound of the cello over the violin. The video below is just of a song she had memorized that she played on her violin. I was quite impressed.

McKay is playing in the Chamber (top) Orchestra with violin and her teacher wants her to play either in the Intermediate or Beginner Orchestra with the cello. With her quick learning and background in music already, I'm guessing it will be Intermediate. Hmmm, if every kid plays two instruments, maybe I'll have my own orchestra someday.