Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two genies and a king

These are the pictures we had done at the mall. I liked the second one the best but Jake didn't. I think it shows their personalities the best. We ended up getting the first though. I swore after I made their Princess dresses two years ago that I would never sew costumes again. Well.... I got bored when Jake was designing the plans at night in September. I am proud to say that I did every stitch by myself and it only took me a week. I am in the process of another project though.

As you can tell we got our new computer. So I posted quite a few pictures from September and the first of October. McKay is counting down the days of when she will see Aspen. I am counting down the days that I get a break from school. I am not a morning person and neither is McKay. I don't help the fact that I stay up past midnight. Jake and I both need a better schedule. We have tried to set a 'bedtime' rule but it doesn't work because we aren't tired. It doesn't help that there is a TV in the room either. Oh well, I guess we both learn the hard way. Love ya all!


Min said...

I LOVE the second picture, but the first one is nice too.

Bonny Brae said...

i like the second pic too - i agree it captures their personalities. although the first pic is also cute.