Sunday, December 02, 2007

From the mouth of children

(Yesterday evening @ 9 p.m. Kids are getting ready for bed)

McKay: Mom is tomorrow the first Sunday?
Me: Yes.
McKay: Then we have to go stuff ourselves.

McKay then proceeds to tell Kirsten about fast Sunday.

Kirsten: Are you telling me that I can't have breakfast or lunch anymore on Sundays? That's crazy.


Keli said...

I love it! Do you have your kids fast? We don't have them worry about it yet.

amy k said...

They can start when they turn eight is how we have done it. McKay still has a really hard time but she tries.

Earl said...

you could have children start by fasting for a shorter amount of time.

Kids do come up with the greatest things sometimes. I've been know to leave my kindergarten class (with the door open) and cross the hall to the library to just be able to laugh out loud (it wouldn't be nice to do it in front of them after all) and share what they just said with Vickie in the library.