Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Any ideas.....

I'm trying to come up with some songs to put on my ipod to make a playlist when I run. Any suggestions?


Keli said...

I like my Lenny Kravtiz in when I run. Evanescence is good to get the blood pumping. But I like regular stuff mostly. Rascal Flatts, Goo Goo Dolls, Eliot Morris, Indigo Girls, and such.

what kind of iPod do you have? I want a new one so bad. Mine is 5 years old, and it might as well be in the Smithsonian.

Maui girl stuck in Utah said...

Some of these songs come from my 'running' playlist and they get me pumped and excited to go (when I actually do that is)!! Some oldies but goodies.

Hung Up-Madonna
Billie Jean-Michael Jackson
Since U Been Gone-Kelly Clarkson
Suicide Blonde-INXS
An Honest Mistake-The Bravery
Cant Get You Out Of My Head-Kylie Minolgue
The Seed-The Roots

Phoebe said...

You can never go wrong with a little Justin Timberlake. I am also enjoying Release by Timbaland. This is what I get working with the YW:)

Keli- I love my new iPod. DL gave me a Classic. Bonny has the same one. And we are both satisfied Apple cusstomers.

amy k said...

Jake got me a Nano(?) for Christmas. Haven't tried it yet. McKay got a basic mp3 player and I've been using hers.

Eliza said...

To keep up a beat I like Gwen Stefani or No Doubt; Postal Service; "Australia" by the Shins and some other Shins songs; ABBA; Bee Gees; Madonna; Michael Jackson; "3x5" by John Mayer; Arcade Fire (good beats are "Rebellion(Lies)" and "Neighborhood#1(Tunnels)"); "Mysterious Ways," "Love and Peace or Else," "I Will Follow" by U2 (or most early U2); Police ("Message in a Bottle" is the first one that comes to mind); that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I would need to go look at my CDs...yeah, I'm one of those people with CDs and no iPod!

Hannah said no headphones/iPods are allowed for runners at Moab this year. Bummer! I hate wearing earbuds when I run though.