Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Y is for Youth

Wednesday night plans were hiking the Y.
We made it to the top....with all the children.
McKay was inseparable from Aspen anytime they were together.
Jacob took the middle two on an adventure on the white-wash.
Cruz made it to the top and realized how high up he was. He is terrified of heights. Even being on my shoulders is too much for him. So he sat down and waited "patiently" by me until it was time to hike back before it got too dark.

Everyone made it down too.

Pictures are courtesy of Betsy as she is an awesome photographer!

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grannybabs said...

As a very naive BYU freshman, I hiked the Y with my roommates one fall day - in October. A day that was also opening day of deer hunt!! Shots rang out everywhere and we were terrified!

We did make it to the top - got lost coming down - and sang hymns at the top of our voices so hunters would know it was humans coming and not deer!!

I'm not sure I ever went again!