Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kirsten's Baptism

Our busy weekend continued with driving back from Utah right after court on Friday to beat family up here. Kirsten was baptized and confirmed by her dad on Saturday. She has waited a long time for this day.
She picked out the dress with Grandma Smith earlier in the year and all of last week we searched everywhere so she could have white heels that she wanted.
It was a very special day. Kirsten was worried that her hair wouldn't go all the way under so before she was baptized, I pulled it into a ponytail.
She had a lot of family there to support her. Hannah, Maddy, Axel, Aaron Schellenberg and his family, Adam Hayes and his family, Lindsey and her children, her primary teachers, a couple friends from church, and all of my family were there.
Since it's a very rare occasion that my family is "together" we snapped a few family pictures. It's impossible to get everyone looking and everyone visible so we'll have to do with the latter.


grannybabs said...

Eve was baptized Saturday too - looks like it was a "baptism weekend!

Congrats to Kirsten!!

kjjaco5 said...

That is such wonderful news about Mckay! YAY!

And Oh my gosh when did your Kirsten grow up?? She looks so pretty!

Great weekend!

Loni said...

Aww, Kirsten is so pretty! How awesome for her!