Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Saturday

Our first Easter Saturday in Texas was spent at a friend's / neighbors house. It consisted of lunch,
playing for the kids.....
and adults.
And then it came time for the Easter Egg Hunt. All of the kids (12 and under) sat in the front yard and sang song. It started off with Jingle Bells, and we heard many primary songs concluding with Once There was a Snowman.
Then it came time for the instructions. They were told there was 25 eggs a piece, with one "toy" ticket per kid and there was also money eggs involved.
The little, little kids went first, followed by the little kids. And then it was time....
....and they were off.
There were some on the ground, many in the trees and bushes....
....and even some in the pool.
The kids loved that for the reason that they could get wet!
Everyone was happy. After the egg hunt there was plenty of swimming afterwards.
And then there was a group picture, well almost an entire group picture.
And then they wanted a "mom" picture. Jacob asked me why would would want to title it as a "mom" picture. I'm always happy to be a mom!
Now my only question is.... If you look at the zoomed in close up, why didn't anyone tell me I had two different earrings in? I didn't notice this until 2 in the morning after I had worn them all day?!?!?!?!? Typical "ME" moment.

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grannybabs said...

Looks like a great Easter egg hunt!!