Friday, July 15, 2005

All nighter

We just got back from a very long day and night. Jake and Axel worked all day in Idaho and then I drove them to Utah to work all night planting trees and installing sprinkler lines. I don't think I have ever seen Axel work so hard and for so long. We left early this morning to come home and Jake went back to work. Axel has crashed on my living room floor and not moved for three hours. I guess they will be going to bed early tonight (for once).

Update on our coon hunt, we caught one more coon the next night. Jake took it to his boss's house to show their 4 year old boy. When his boss saw it she fell in love with it and begged Jake to let it 'live' in her fields. We let it go and it is now a happy coon! We haven't caught any for a couple days though.

1 comment:

Hester said...

poor axel. i heard they worked until 5 am the other day. I agree with the boss. let the coons live!