Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today as I was going through some pics to find one for Kirsten's primary talk I found this cherry. On more than one occasion Karl has rebuked me for the time Peter and I hung him upside down over a railing 3 stories up. According to Karl the traumatic experience has left long lasting emotional scars. Karl all I can say is that the proof is in the picture that you dished out just as much as you ever received. Axel with Karl .... you are going to have some real issues in the future. Oh those were the good ole days!
As I side note I should mention that the last time I tried something like this on Axel I just about ended up with a ball point pen buried in my thigh ... luckily for me AMy was there to protect me.


Kaahl said...

Notice it is still you doing the hanging, and the instigating. These were tough times for me, my teenage years, when peer approval weighed so heavily on my soul. I was doing the only thing I thought you would like in a desperate attempt for a little brotherly love. And now, you have have stabbed me in the back with what is clearly a picture of low self-esteem coupled with the desire to please.

amy k said...

Karl, I saw your smile in the picture. There is no doubt that maybe you enjoyed it just a little.

Hester said...

yeah and karl, you turned around and did the same thing to hannah and I so don't act all innocent

Eliza said...

You sad, sad people.

I especially like the filename of the picture, "Axeltort." It sounds like a dessert.