Tuesday, May 08, 2007

McKay's special day

McKay chose to be baptized this past Saturday. We are really proud of her for her decision. She is a sweetheart and we know she is loved.

There was a lot of supporters there in person and spirit. We know she has a special spirit and a lot of friends.

McKay chose to have her dad, Michael, baptize her and her other dad, Jacob to confirm her.

I still have a hard time believing she is already eight.

Both of her dads with McKay in white.

Jake and I had quite the week and it wasn't until after that I realized that it could of been our trial so that it wouldn't be a special day for McKay. I know that somebody was working hard so we wouldn't feel the spirit on Saturday. Starting on Monday and all thru the week, we had machinery break down every single day and the final time that the Bobcat broke, it is quite the fix. It was testing on Jacob and I (as finances always are on a relationship) and on top of it he had been extremely busy so that my yard didn't look like I wanted it too. He wasn't finding a reliable driver to hire and I could only do so much with a baby that is glued to my hip. My dad had came up for the week and on Friday I had a chance to mow the yard and trim all the weeds. My dad weeded the flower beds and my yard was nice. The rest of my Friday was crazy as I was taking in the machine to be fixed to getting the food for Saturday. I ended up finally making it to WalMart at 11 p.m. Only to get pulled over on my way home because (are you ready?) I was going to slow and hugging the white line. The highway is 65mph and I was doing 58. I have awful night perception and I always hug the white line. Luckily the officer let me go, only to pass me on the double yellow infront of my road right infront of my turn. I always check behind me now as a precaution. After going to bed at 3am I woke up on Saturday at 6 only to find SNOW!!!! It had been snowing and had covered the ground. It was a "white" day for McKay. So we made plans for the lunch afterwards to be inside. McKay had chosen her favorite....rice....so I made hawaiian haystacks and thai curry to go with it. We had over forty people there from 3 different sides of the family and I made food for at least 80! Ooops, I always do that. I have plenty of leftovers in the freezer.

After talking to a friend after her baptism I had been telling her about our trials and she looked at me and said "Amy! Do you not realize that this is a blessing also. You weren't in the situation to have your equipment break two months ago so it waited until you could." How the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am grateful for all my blessings both good and bad.


Min said...

Congrats to McKay on making such an important decision. I'm glad that despite all the trials you had a good day.

Keli said...

I know I always have a hard time seeing the trial until it has passed. What a nice friend to point out to you that you had been strong all week long. You guys sound so busy, is the tree farm up and going? Congrats to McKay for getting baptized.

traci said...

Congrats to McKay!

I'm glad everything is going well now...