Saturday, November 10, 2007

And the winner is ....

The past week, McKay had to write about somebody special to her. She chose Axel. I thought part of the ending of her essay was so sweet I wanted to share it. (I am not trying to embarass anybody.)

....I feel pretty good with Axel. He is my favorite uncle. Here is 10 reasons I like him. They are:

  1. He brings food to me in bed.
  2. He acts like a kid.
  3. He likes computer games, just like me!
  4. He gets mad when we get him wet.
  5. He gives me piggy-back rides.
  6. We like to play the same games.
  7. He is the youngest in his family.
  8. He has the closest age to mine.
  9. He is in school, like me
  10. He is the best uncle EVER!!!!


Kaahl said...

He is indeed. I second the motion.

Phoebe said...

Very cool.

Hester said...

hilarious. love it