Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buckle breaking....

Katanya decided to live life on the EDGE today. The edge of the couch that is. The third party, the floor won.
Short version: Katanya decided to stand up on the open face end of the couch. I was throwing away her diaper, turned around and told her to sit. I was less than 3 feet away. A split second later, stomach done on the floor with her hand underneath her. She hardly cried. I only knew something was wrong because she wouldn't put weight on it. She wouldn't pick up anything and it was her right hand. Figured out baby-sitting arrangements for when the girls got home and it was off to the ER.
McKay did this same thing to me over six years ago. Although she wasn't with me at the time it happened and I didn't know anything was wrong until a couple days later. I wasn't going to go thru that again. Better safe than sorry.
Why also, is it as a parent you feel like you should protect your kids from these things. My first words to Jake was, I am so sorry. He looked at me and said, "Kids are kids, it could have happened with me." I am constantly following her and reminding her to sit. I have baby-proofed the house for these kinds of things, yet I know it was an accident but I still feel like it's my fault.
Outcome: She has a buckle break right above her wrist. She will have a splint on for a couple days and then we go to the ortho-pediatric (I think that's right) for her cast. As much as Katanya hates doctors, this will be fun (NOT). This is our third ER visit in 8 weeks with her.
Although I realize that after we came home from the four hour ER visit and 5 dollar pizza for dinner now that my night was gone that she still hadn't learned anything. Katanya started climbing again on the couch. I took her off and decided to go downstairs to play. Down there she decided the fun thing to do was to climb on top of the toy storage containers. My next month is going to be crazy following her around. Although as in the picture, she is still happy : )
Kirsten's response to this: Mom, now all the girls except meeeee have broken an arm. (when she said me, it was more of a whine)


Keli said...

That is so sad. And cute. Those little casts are so cute.

Didn't she get her first tooth in a strange place? Was it a snaggle tooth? How old was she? I'm starting to wonder if Gretta will ever get teeth. Or maybe they'll just come in in a strange place.

amy k said...

Keli, Katanya didn't have teeth until she was a year old. Cruz didn't get teeth until he was 14 months. They'll come.

Bonny Brae said...

cute nightgown

and bummer about the broken arm - at least she's cheery about it.

Hester said...

its true amy. even i've had a broken arm...twice (left elbow when i was 5 and left wrist when i was 16). i understand kirsten's angst.

Keli said...

Yes, I know G will get teeth, one day. I'm enjoying the gummy smile now while I can. And really she eats everything a toothed counterpart can eat. No biggie.

I hear we missed you guys last Friday. Sean just let me in on this. So sorry. We'll have to hook up next time you guys are down thisaway.

Earl said...

I remember WANTING to break a bone so I could have a cool cast and have people write on it. At 14, when I did finally get my wish, breaking my arm falling off of a horse I wasn't supposed to be on, boy was I ever sorry. Not only that, but my doctor never did put an actual cast on it. I wore a plaster splint with ace bandages wrapped around it for 6 weeks, the fell getting out of the back of a truck and had to wear it two weeks longer.