Friday, June 20, 2008


This is in honor of Karl's kitten war that Jake spent many of clicks on. Remember a couple weeks ago when Jack had her babies? Okay, it's been a month but time flies. They are growing up and getting more playful every day. I've always said I won't have more than 4 cats (outside of course) at my house but how do you choose two to get rid of?
This is Cruz's kitten "MAX". He's a toe licker. Cruz loves to treat him like a baby.I often wonder if this kitten will make it to a cat for as much as Cruz "loves" it.Addy is McKay's. I'm digging the blue blue eyes.Kirsten named hers Hannah. She looks a lot like the mom, Jack.I think this one is my favorite. He would technical be Katanya's. Right now, Katanya can't hold the cats because of a bully streak. She's been watching too many baseball games the past weeks and loves to throw things. We still need to name this one.

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