Saturday, March 07, 2009

hit by a freight train....

or two....or three.

The past three weeks we have been battling various sickness. Kirsten's missed three days of school in three different weeks due to three different things. (I guess it came in three.) I've had three kids to the doctors in less than 10 days.

And now, it's finally hit us, the parents. At least it's the weekend and not much is expected from us. Plus, we all know that the "man-cold" will win out. This reminds me back to the time when I first got pregnant with Kirsten and I got a dose of what morning (all-day) sickness really was. Not just for a couple months either, but for over half my pregnancy. Jake had the nerve to tell me (more than once) that it was all in my head. So whenever he gets sick, (and the complaining has already started yesterday,) I bite my tongue but I just want to tell him it's all in his head.

Anyway, back to the sick part. First we battled the chest cold. Then Katanya got it and it always is worse with her because her asthma triggers in. She was into the doctor with croup and an asthma attack. We've also had ear infections (Kirsten never had an ear infection as a baby, but she got her first one at six years old), the stomach flu, and strep throat. So far McKay is the one with a super immune system and hasn't gotten so much as a sniffle. (Knock on wood).

So is it just us or is the rest of the world going thru this flu time as well?


Sariah said...

That about sums up the last two months at our house. The older two and Bryan have been the ones who are immune to it all. Being sick stinks.

Earl and Vickie said...

Yeah, there is something going around this year. It's either different things, or it hits different kids differently. I've had as many as eight at a time out of my class of 26 out at one time. Some have been out for a whole week, some have had a 103 fever, and back the next day. We are currently wiping the tables two or three times a day with Clorox wipes, and they don't even want to HEAR me if they cough without covering up.

Eliza said...

We have had terrible colds and flus here this season also, and I only have 2 kids! Ida has pretty much had a cold since she was born, with a break every few weeks. Four stomach bugs went through our nursery this season also...luckily we only got one, but we have friends who got all four! Yuck!

Get well soon!!

bretandmarissafam said...

You just described our entire December and half of January.

Now our crap isn't contagious, but even less fun.

Hopefully it clears out soon.

Xander is our immune kid.