Sunday, March 01, 2009

How much and where?

The past couple of days, I've been entering in the check registers, credit card, and everything else that you have to have in Quick Books to figure taxes.
I've realized a couple things:
  • Too much money was wasted eating out. This year is going to be MUCH less. You don't think you do it that much, but for me, it was too much. I'd rather have another trip to Texas or California than to waste it on that kind of food.
  • I really don't ever want to see gas @ $4 a gallon and diesel @ $5. When you pay over $970 to fill up two dump trucks that will last less than a week, it's too painful.
  • I really should do this monthly instead of yearly. It would be so simple.

I think this is also a first. Because we don't owe, Jake usually doesn't get around to doing this until at least half way through the year. It's a good thing for me that I need something to do while it is still too cold outside. We will probably be done and filed by mid march. WOW!

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