Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday was Jacob's birthday.
And this was him the day before. He usually takes a little snooze after dinner. I think that's what age can do to you. It's probably more from working full time and staying up late. Anyway, Jacob texted me in the morning and said that we were playing volleyball on a team that night with some friends from work so we are going to celebrate on Friday when Betsy and her family can join us. More pictures of this occasion will come later.
This is the what came to be with my sanding / painting project. I was so happy with the outcome.
We let the kids choose a new duvet cover (since the last one they had was when I chose back in '06) and a bed (within reason). After I put Katanya's new cover on, she informed me that it had forgotten the circle pillow that was at the store with it on display. It's funny how the kids pay attention to certain details.
This is Cruz's room. (If I was to paint the kids room, which I'm not, I would paint an accent wall in green.) McKay painted the picture in the background.


grannybabs said...

The bedrooms look spacious and comfy!! Or maybe you just haven't unpacked everything yet!!

Laura said...

cute rooms, i especially love the colors in cruz's room. and isn't that funny how kids totally see the details?!