Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What it was like before we came

(Apologies now for the blurriness of the pictures. Jacob took them from his phone and I don't think he waited for it to focus.) This is what the main level LOOKED like. I didn't want to do orange again so before we put down our deposit, I asked if we could paint. The owner said yes and to make it as if it were our own home. Of course I love color but I did keep it toned down a lot this time.There are two rooms (one left and one right) when you walk in the entry way. The were painted Texas Longhorn orange. It had to go.
We painted the floorboards white first. I remembered to have pictures taken after this was done.
The living room and kitchen were a marigold yellow.
Didn't strike me to well either since the counters were a dark navy blue.We finished painting 90% of it before we moved in since we had some minor setbacks. There is one room (the game room upstairs) that we will finish this week. It's a mud brown and really clashes with our couch. (No offense to any brown / beige / coffee / or tan color loving people out there but I just can't handle that shade.)

Pictures of our Home Makeover Edition will soon follow.


Hannahtess said...

I'm excited to see the finished photos! Also, I can't even image painting the whole house! I painted two room in my 600 sqf apartment and about died ...

grannybabs said...

I am not a painter - so I am impressed. Looking forward to seeing the "after" pics!

Laura said...

how fun!! i can't wait to see the end result!!