Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Brunners. Betsy and her family showed up late Tuesday night, they just couldn't keep away from Texas.
Over a month ago, Betsy talked me into doing the 5-mile Turkey Trot with her. I also convinced my friend, Mandy to join, which wasn't hard. She is a great runner! So, a month ago, I was running 20+ miles a week and was all for running it. And then November hit and we had school plays, rehearsals, running meets, and more visitors (more in posts to come.) I think I had only made it running 3 times before this morning. But, it was exactly what I needed. I hated mile one and two but by mile three, I was ready to go. I can't wait to do it again and better next year! Another insane thing was, there were 20,000 people running this race. It was interesting and fun. They had even shut off part of the Interstate 1 (Mopac) for the runners.
And then it was home to cook. We went all out again. Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad with fruit, homemade rolls, veggies, stuffing, italian soda.....and plenty of pies. (14 to be exact).
I have so many things to be grateful for. My family is at the top of the list. Along with, the gospel, shelter, food, great friends, health, vehicles, and technology to name a few. I hope everyone out there had a great Thanksgiving too!

(Pictures were courtesy of Betsy too! She is a great sister-in-law!)


grannybabs said...

Nothing like being with family!!

Laura said...

Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving and with family! Your plate is making me hungry!!