Saturday, November 05, 2011

"go, go, go"

A week after we moved to Texas, I met a new friend at church. She and her family had just moved to Texas as well. We had kids around the same age and we started running together during the early summer mornings. Mandy was the one to kick start me into running and actually got me to not just run but to enjoy the run and love it.

As the school year started, she and her brother started a cross country run club. Kirsten asked if she could do this. Of course it was a no brainer because as parents, who wouldn't want their kids out running and exercising? So twice a week she was doing her "run team."
Today we drove to Marble Falls for the Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships. It's was only Kirsten's second race but she has improved over the weeks.
It was a 3k race (1.86 miles) and I believe it was her best time yet. She finished strong and it was fun to cheer on as well as her friends during their races. I'm so proud of how far she has come.
This is Kirsten and some of her "Cougar Cross Country" friends. They all qualified to go onto Regions in two weeks so it will give Kirsten some more experience. So when my mom comes down to visit in less than 2 weeks, not only will she see McKay's school play but she can help cheer Kirsten on as well. What great planning!

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Train 'em young!!