Tuesday, January 31, 2012

101.64 down, 1148.56 left

One of my goals this year was to run 2012 Kilometers in 2012. It equals to 1250.2 miles. I tried this in 2008 but only made it a little past 2 months. My heart wasn't really in it then. This time I really want to do it, plus I have a friend (Mandy) that took the challenge so it's a "friendly competition reminder" not to give up. I don't want to have to tell her I quit. I started out strong at the beginning of the year. Even though there have been many bumps in the road of January, I finished with a total of 101.64 miles. I need an average of 105 miles a month to reach it. Yes, I know I'm short but ....
I have an explanation. There was a 9 day gap that I tried to run once, and between the cold, elevation, and my emotional well being, I just couldn't do it. So if I look at it this way: I ran 101.64 miles in 17 days and had 14 days where I didn't run, it looks a little better right?

I keep looking at the 3.36 number on the miles left for the month of January, and I think, "I can hurry and run that now." But I learned a hard lesson last week. I came home from Utah and on Monday I ran a little over 10 miles. I had a faster pace than usual and it felt so good! BUT then on Tuesday, I ran 9.5 miles of for the sheer reason of, "My body is sore but I'm not letting it out of this." I paid for it. By Tuesday night I couldn't walk, and I had to take a day off, go a shorter distance on Thursday, and yet have another day off on Friday. It wasn't worth it. So, after running hills this morning and pushing myself to "increase strength and speed" and exhausting my body, I know that those 3.36 miles will have to wait. (I'm saying this to keep talking myself out of running it.)

"Increasing strength and speed????" Why would I want to do that? Two reasons.
1- I'm training for a half marathon in April up near Betsy's house to do with Betsy, Hannah, and a couple my friends. I want to come in under 2 hours.
2- McKay has informed me that her goal next month is to beat me in a 5k. (I wonder where she thought of this.) I don't think I would mind as much but yes, I'm competitive just like her, and it will be with all my friends and all her friends. I'm not a speed runner. I'm a distance runner. I have to at least try. I'm actually a little worried she will beat me. If she does, I know she earned it.

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hanner said...

great job! seriously. i have run less than 150 miles since thanksgiving so you are totally smoking me.