Thursday, January 26, 2012

Precious Moments

When I got the call on Saturday morning that my dad was passing quickly, I scrambled to get a ticket, packed and off. Kirsten came down with her hat that grandpa gave her and said she wasn't taking it off all day. Katanya carried a picture of her fishing with grandpa. That night, they took turns saying a prayer for grandpa. When I called that night, they wanted to tell grandpa that they loved him so I put the kids on speaker as they told him.
Really late Sunday night, (early Monday) McKay was having a hard time. She went to Jacob and he was able to talk to her about the gospel and life's plan. He also gave her a blessing. A couple days later, he told me about it. He told me how impressed he was to tell McKay that Grandpa was now happy, that he was with his family, and that specifically he was getting to know those of his brothers that had passed away as children. He kept saying how strong the feeling was that he was with his family. My mom had this heart wreath made in honor of the grandchildren. Haley took the picture of my dad in July of 2010. Before the viewing, the kids got a brief time to see grandpa and say goodbye. Kirsten never really got the alone time that she wanted. They were still setting up and she didn't feel like it was private enough. After the services, at the luncheon, I saw her talking to the picture of grandpa. I choked up but I was very touched. She is one that lets me know what she is thinking and very independent but yet she has such a sweet spirit and breaks when you say anything negative to her. I want her to know that it's still okay to talk and let out her feelings.
Katanya wasn't sure what to think. She is always the one to tell me that she loves me, or if she can't tell me she will sign it to me. She didn't want to touch Grandpa or get super close but the whole time she kept telling him that she loved him.
Cruz was an honorary pallbearer. He was so honored to wear a boutonniere and have it pinned to his suit. When I had him put his coat on to go outside for the graveside dedication, he told me to be careful of his flower.
They had the pallbearers leave their flower on the casket. He looked devastated when he had to take it off. After, I told him that he could go get it and that we would dry / press it. Once again he was a proud little guy.

I love seeing how children think and act. It often teaches me a lesson and I am reminded just how precious they are. I know all my kids love their Grandpa. I know he left an impression with them that they will remember. I know that their Grandpa loves them too.


Maria Cordner said...

How inspiring and sweet way to help your children mourn and learn the gospel. i can see the spirit guiding you all over this and your father too. Thanks for sharing Amy! It will keep teaching them beyond this moment!

grannybabs said...

A dear friend of mine died when I was 8. No one really explained things to me and I recall feeling pretty distraught. It is good that we give children more information so that they can process everything satisfactorily.

Sara said...

So sad to hear about your dad, Amy. Saying goodbye to someone you love always comes too soon, regardless of age or circumstance. It's clear that your kids adored your dad. How lucky they are to have had such a wonderful relationship with him!

Lindsey said...

Tell the kids how impressed I am that they said goodbye to their grandpa. My grandpa died 10 years ago, I was 21, and I couldn't bring myself to walk up to his casket to say goodbye. I love all the pictures. It looks like you were blessed with a beautiful day. I love/miss you.

Arlene-Lanny said...

Amy, this pictorial journey with written messages of Dennis and you and your children is really well done. It leaves a good feeling in my soul. I think the kids will have gentle feelings when looking back and remember the experience with love, even as sad as it is. I went to a funeral yesterday and it left me so sad and depressed. The way you and Michael and the family handled this special time was very nice. It's good to look through the kids' eyes, because you discover many things. You can't assume you know all their feelings. May you feel the love of God as you walk through the next little while especially. Love, Aunt Arlene (and Uncle Lanny)