Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Another trip to Utah.....actually this one was a little longer and busier. My dad likes to take the kids on an annual fishing trip up to a fish farm in Kamas. The kids enjoy it because they catch PLENTY of fish and it's not boring for them. This year they wanted to see who could get the biggest fish. The secret to catching them was to let the worm dangle about 2 inches above the water and let the fish jump out for the hook. (Usually fish aren't jumping to get caught.) Only the bigger fish could jump higher. The kids had fun. McKay and Kirsten were catching fish as fast as grandpa could get the worm hooked on. Cruz wasn't so sure of the whole fish thing but soon had fun feeding the fish fish food...until the quarters ran out. Poor grandpa will be eating fish for awhile. We caught 18 fish (trout) in all.

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