Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Almost summer????

So I have been slow and not blogged. It's been crazy trying to just keep up with everything.
Here is a small update:

- The house is coming along slowly. It's been framed and now there is only cabinets, sheet rock, painting, carpeting, a bathroom, and the new heater / AC. Needless to say the deadline is back to July 1st.

- School is almost done. Yeah!!!!

- Grandpa (Dale) has been up the past couple of days and we are loving it. The kids and I (Jake had to work on Monday) went down Sunday to pick him up on Monday. While we were there we celebrated Karolina's party with her. It is always fun to see cousins. On Monday we picked up the cabinet wood and headed home. The trip wasn't as long as the way down. I was nervous with the big trailer and all. I had to replace one tire before our trip back and I always have bad luck. Anyway, like I said, my kids have loved having their Grandpa here. McKay likes to play checkers and Kirsten is just a chatter box. She has to inform him on anything and everything that has happened the last year or more. Cruz has finally warmed up to him and enjoys sitting and playing with him also. We love family and exspecially when they come and visit. (open invitation by the way to anyone who is ever in Idaho) Other than that it is just the normal running and trying to keep up with the things going on. I will take some pics of the house and post them soon.

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