Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer time!

I started a list for the summer. I am so excited and have been waiting for what seems like forever. Then writing these lists I just realized how boring my life really is. Ha ha. I guess Jake will have to fill in the question marks. His life is more exciting. I guess I just wanted to take it easy this year and not plan much. That way the kids can still do some summer activities and I can still be sain. Anyway we are ready and off! Today was our first day.

Top 10 reasons I am glad for summer!

8-Possible IKEA trip
7-Time to catch up on all the projects I started during the school year and never finished.
6-Less Utah trips.
5-Family is coming to visit in July!
4-More time to play!
3-In August, our new baby will be here!
2-Getting into our new house hopefully in July! (I am so excited with our colors!)
1-No more getting up early for school!!! I can sleep in at least an hour later (if the kids would)

Top 10 reasons I am bummed for June to be here all ready!

7-Too much to do and too little time!
6-No beach vacations planned this year, although Jake is ready for a BIG vacation.
5-Half the year is gone!
4-The kids are off their schedule. I miss the 8 o'clock bedtime. It's hard to put them in bed with daylight still outside.
3-We are still in the townhouse, but have high hopes for July 1st! (I am being positive)
2-Jake's work schedule jumps to 16 hour days.
1-McKay is in Utah for a month with her other dad. (although I am sure she is having a blast!)

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