Friday, January 11, 2008

Weird cravings

So it's Friday night, I have just ran 5.3 miles, put the kids in bed and now I am browsing blogs.

I have a mysteriously WEIRD CRAVING! (I owe Nate for this one).....and NO I am not pregnant!!!!!

I want Rudy's coleslaw with brisket and their homemade BBQ sauce on their white bread. Yes, you put them all on the bread and enjoy. I've been thinking about this for days.....

The only problem....I would have to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles just for this.

Anybody else have any weird cravings?

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Earl said...

There's a resturant in the Austin Airport called "The Salt Lick" They do Texas barbecue, I've never eaten there in the airport, but it smells GOOD. They opened one in the Redrock Station Casino here in Vegas and we have been a couple of times, I've been wanting to go lately. I see a trip in the near future. And it IS a trip,(about 20 miles of city streets) clear the other side of the valley. They are a bit more upscale than Rudy's, at least in the Casino, but the barbecue is very good.