Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kirsten turns 6

Kirsten turned six today. She is my happy, energetic First grader! Our family would be rather dull without her.

I still remember the day Kirsten was born. There was a few things you learn about having the second child. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning in severe pain and on the floor from contractions. I woke Jake, told him to call my mom to come watch McKay and proceeded to the bathroom. Lesson #1 - Do your hair and makeup. I spent 20 minutes getting ready. I was not going to look terrible in the pictures....again. Well worth the time. Lesson #2 - Labor and contractions went much faster. By the time I got to the hospital she was born an hour and a half later. We didn't have a name picked out. Once born, we both looked at each other and knew it was Kirsten. I had ousted this name months earlier but it was meant for her. Lesson #3 Bring clothes that fit when leaving the hospital. With McKay, no one told me that your body wouldn't be back to normal. So I packed clothes that I wore before getting pregnant. Sadly, I went home with what I wore in.....maternity clothes.

Enough reminiscing in the past....into the present.....For her sixth birthday, Kirsten wanted an mp3 player / ipod like her sister. She also got a few new pet shops to add to her collection. (Shhhh, don't mention the pet shops. I know my kids enough as Jake would say.) Since Jake was home last weekend we celebrated her birthday early on Sunday. Who could complain.....two birthdays parties. For today we went out to lunch with some friends and played at the place of her choosing. Now, it's off to bed early as school starts tomorrow.
This is a miracle. My brother has been up to Idaho Falls on three different occasions. One of them even driving by my house and not stopping to say hi. Hooray for Haley for setting him straight and making him say "Hi." They came up last weekend and even stayed the night. (How sad is it when you have a car that only has 8700 miles and it's two years old. Then you add 500 on one trip making it the longest "trip" it's had. Sometimes I wonder if we are related?) We enjoyed their company and staying up late and talking with them. Newlyweds aren't used to staying up so late.


Keli said...

Happy birthday to K! So fun. I remember when she was born. She was still so tiny at Bryan and Kirsten's wedding, which is when I found out we were expecting Maggie.

N8ster said...

8700 miles? We almost put that many on the Durango . . . last month.

amy k said...

Yep only 8700 in over two years. I almost think he's proud of it : )