Monday, January 12, 2009

Bloody nose queen

Just thinking about it....I'm sure I could do a post on health and doctors every day this week. Just from things that has happened and things that Jake has thought. Anyway that's not the point today...... This picture is from our lovely beach vacation, and yes Katanya had a bloody nose. For the past three months Katanya has been having bloody noses at anytime. We had tried all the tricks; Vaseline, humidifier, neosporin, ayr, but none of them were a long lasting solution. After averaging 3-4 of these happenings a week (and that's not counting when she bumped her nose and then all went wild) the doctor finally cauterized both sides today. Surgery, anesthesia, and recovery went great and the patient is now home and sleeping in her own bed. I was amazed. She was happy the whole time and never cried once.

P.S. I'm hoping this makes sense because after two nights of no sleep, I'm not sure it does.


Keli said...

Poor thing. Emma and I are the bloody nose queens at our house. I've started using the Neti pot, and Emma does too, and it really does help. Thank goodness too, because I hate sitting up with a kid with a bloody nose, and then cleaning up the sheets and pillows afterward. Yuck.

Hester said...

poor girl.

Laura said...

Youch!!! But its good now it is all taken care of. No more of those!