Sunday, January 25, 2009

patience and blessings

"Grant me PATIENCE to deal with my BLESSINGS." And while I need all the patience I can get while my oldest two go through sister rivalry....These two blessings can bring a smile to any one's face.


bretandmarissafam said...

WHAT CUTIES!!!!!! Yes, they brought a huge smile to my face.

Amy, thanks for all the support you have given. The comments you've made on my blog help me keep going. :)

Hester said...

I love it!

ShayLynn said...

We always have to be reminded of the blessings to get us through the trials! Your kids are getting so big and these two are cute and you can tell they love each other!

Good luck with the "sisters" problems... I think we both remember those all too well when we were younger!!