Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to Normal

Back to school, back to a schedule, back to the snow, back to reality......back to normal. I was ready for this. The past two weeks, I took off, or you could say I didn't do much. Jake asked me if this is what I did every day during the "normal" time.....yeah right. Now I know the new year has come and Christmas is past, but I have one more post. I'll post shortly with the new year.

McKay came back home yesterday. We all missed her.
As soon as we got home she wanted to open her presents. You see the sole gift that had been sitting there for the past 3 weeks before Christmas, that had been wrapped three times, had her name on it. So she opened the little presents first and saved the best for last.Her latest wish it to learn something play the violin.Lessons start tomorrow.


Laura said...

Back to normal is refreshing- huh?! Glad you had a fun Christmas! That's cool you stayed home- home is a nice place for Christmas, wherever it is. How cool you now have a little violinist!

bonny with a Y said...

i'm not sure i'm ready for back to normal - i could have used another week - i so love sleeping in :)

and what fun to play the violin - i played for a year, maybe 2.

Alice said...

Way to go McKay. You will totally be an awesome violinist. Love you. I can't wait to hear you play.

bretandmarissafam said...

McKay is soooooo beautiful. I'll bet she makes a great violinist, too.
I'm glad you had a nice Christmas at home. Sometimes those are the best.