Friday, February 27, 2009

I think that Eco-terrorists are now authors

McKay came home from school and showed me her science test today. She missed a few questions, so I looked over them. I found the following question:

17. Burning fossil fuels in cars and factories--

A) puts oxygen into the air.
B) puts nitrogen into the air.
C) upsets the balance of the nitrogen cycle.
D) upsets the balance of the carbon dioxide - oxygen cycle.

The correct answer was D. I find the word choice rather interesting. Yes burning fossil fuels changes the O2 CO2 cycle but do they really need to personify the cycle by saying that it is "Upset"? As though by burning carbon we are killing the cycle. I am all for being green but I am not big on this kind of indoctrination disguised as a science book.

Are you ever bothered by the lesson materials that your children study?

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