Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick - or - Treat

This year Halloween was low key in our family. It's like an every other year kind of thing for us. We did the school carnival on Friday night and trick-or-treating last night. I had been thinking the past couple days that I wanted to show our kids what trick-or-treating was like for me as a kid. It's hard being out in the country and having the houses spaced so far apart. But then as we went the rounds, I realized that because we are out in the country, people give A LOT MORE (and better) candy than those in a subdivision. Also the kids (and you) stay warm because the only way to get around is to drive. We went to 15 houses and the kids came back with a little more than half a bag of candy. Three times as much as the number we went too. So in the end, it was easier, faster, and better. I better stop thinking that the grass is greener in the other field.

P.S. I am going to start early on next year and it will be fabulous!


Lindsey said...

They all look so cute. If you are starting early does that mean we are going shopping tomorrow for discount costumes. OR do you have a plan for next year. You should start in the summer.

ShayLynn said...

Cute costumes! Remember the good ole' days when you started trick or treating at 4:30??? LOL!

grannybabs said...

Your kids look great.